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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nicky Boulle at the start HCTT May 8, 2010

HCTT May 8th

Nicky Boulle did the P123 race, Caryn Montague competed in the woman's open (both categories are the highest available), and Scot did the 4/5, which had the most entrants (45)

Nicky has done this Time trial 3 or 4 times and today was his personal best, a 27:44 which placed him second in his category, 5th best time of the day. At the finish he thought he might have underhydrated and left his Gu behind, but a solid time in a discipline in which he competes on a borrowed bike, and isn't his focus.

Caryn also set a personal best on her third HCTT, a 33:20 which would have had her easily winning the Cat 4 woman's, and 3rd in the Woman's, for her first pay out.

The second best time of the day was set by a triathlete in the 4/5's (due to the nature of licensing for usa cycling events, one day licenses for triathletes put them in the 5's or they do too few mass start races to upgrade, hence the large fields. Scot's time would have put him 3rd in Masters 40+ and 8th in Masters 50+

The challenge with this day was proportioning the effort on the way out due to the very strong headwind on the return leg. We all saw upper 30's on the flats on the outward leg and maintaining 21-22mph on the return leg was very hard (Nicky probably saw 23-24)

After the race, Scot met Korey Sessions, a UNT Triathlete wearing their new UNT cycling club jersey, very sharp. He finished 8th overall in the 4/5's about a minute up on Scot's time.

Caryn was pretty happy with her day, Nicky and Scot were OK with it, especially getting personal bests on the course, but some improvements are needed.