Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday ride report

By Belgian standards (according to Rob) yesterday wasn't a big deal, yet no one showed up save for Kevin, Michael, Caryn and myself. We made it all the way to TP Hill before we decided to ride back, and it started to really rain once we entered the bubble. No chutes suffered this day! We experienced a Thermocline crossing 75 on the way out, that was dramatic, but it didn't really rain until we stopped at Kevin's house. He offered to host the SMU Cycling party in two weeks, so make plans to attend!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, I finally crashed (in a non-controlled manner). Coming off the bike trail at West Lawther north of Northwest Highway. Following Greg, turning right onto Lawther, we hit a wet patch. Greg fishtailed and recovered. I had to hit the brakes or plow into the back of Greg, and as soon as I touched the brakes I was down on the deck.

Landed heavy on my right leg and elbow. I've got some stiffness and some rash (sounds like I spent a weekend of "liberty" in the Philippines and wasn't too careful).

Laying on the deck I first evaluated my condition, then eventually got up. I then road home on one leg. Boy am I glad Dallas is flat!

The bike has dinged up shifter, pedal and rear derailleur but is otherwise unscathed.

Not my worst crash, but at 47 I'd like to avoid all crashes! I was able to muster through without any painkillers, though if I had been offered any darvocets, I certainly wouldn't have refused.

My daughter keeps poking my elbow wound with a stick. She thinks my reaction is funny. Kids!

Muenster metric century

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday Ride report

The new Facebook page appeared to be a hit as we had a strong contingent of students ride tonight. Let's see, it was Ryan, Mitch, Andrew, Travis, Nicky, Ian, Nick (do we have a lot of Nick's or what?) and pack filler was Damiano, Caryn, Michael, Greg, Kevin and myself (by pack filler, I mean the core group that exists to make SMU Cycling a viable, constant presence on campus!)

It was obvious seeing Andrew ride that we need to help him have a lot of fun on the bike again, as he is very skillful, and a remarkably strong rider. Travis is also strong, he is being tutored on sprint tactics. Always strong, Nicky Boulle finished second in his first cat 4 race, after the upgrade, and that was only because he was expecting different tactics. The tri guys who joined us are (mostly) relatively new to cycling but we hope they discover that the bike is the place to be. It was a rather chaotic day, as we did numerous up and backs, but the object of this ride is to get us all to the lake and work with each other or at our own pace, and then ride back "piano" which is "soft", as Ian pointed out. As a Music major at Meadows, he would know.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Karma, Or Don't Tempt Fate!

I committed every road sin imaginable on the ride tonight. I forgot everyone's name, since I was introduced to so many. I took shortcuts to avoid the wind. Even quit on the Loving Hills 'cause Nicky passed me with a 50 meters to go (and Damiano and Caryn, and was that Ryan?) who trounced me also. Rode the TT bike again since the road bike has a broken nipple and I haven't had time to take to Dallas Bike Works (shameless plug) for repair. Had something go horribly creak, creak on the bike, probably because I put it together and not Caryn.

Then to top it all off, I did not take karma seriously, as I told Vinh on Monday and probably also in a conversation with Chris Snyder, that I haven't crashed on the road bike in years. We were discussing mountain bikes and how every mountain bike ride has as an objective to get big air and probably crash. But road bikes, no! I did a precursory "knock on wood" but that might have been waht kept me off the pavement.

So Michael's city limit sign beckoned the group, and I should have known better than to chase after Mike got a good start! A TT bike has limited uses and sprinting is not one of them. I came unclipped and barely (I had thoughts of, "where should I crash?" - on the all carbon Colnago, the pavement or should I just go over the overpass into Central?) I heard it was as ugly, if not more so than Noah's similar experience, 2 weeks ago. New rule, no dangerous sprinting, small ring variety on busy roads! Michael's weekly glory will now be forbidden!

So I hope the very elegant rider on the Colnago forgives me since he might have kept me up!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pinarello Prince

One last Cat 5 race result from Nicky

Men Cat 5A posted by LH on 4/20/2009 10:25:00 AM.

1 534 Boulle Nicholas Dallas Racing
2 518 Spears Adam Unattached
4 508 Carter David Unattached
5 527 Mills Charles Unattached
6 505 Briscoe Steven The Woodlands Cycling Club
7 521 Chung Brian Team ALS-C3
8 501 Aston Brent Unattached
9 515 Linebaugh Richard VT Bike Stuff
10 537 Thomas Jackson Frisco Cycling Club
11 550 Atkinson Robert VT Bike Stuff
12 525 Jackson Bruce Unattached
13 526 McGraw Dan Unattached
14 535 Abstein Adam Tunerus Turbo
15 551 Baker Michael Team Bicycles Inc.
16 529 Shewry Joel Unattached
17 530 Stewart David Dallas Racing
18 533 York Craig Unattached
19 524 Heun Jeffery NRC/PedalMasher
20 507 Bumpas Lee Unattached
21 513 Jantzen Shawn Matrix Cycling Club
22 532 Scaggs Nathan Unattached
23 955 Singer Andrew Unattached
24 536 Cannon Scott Unattached

Monday, April 20, 2009

Upgrade (from

Nicholas Boulle Dallas 5 to 4

Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome TCU Cycling!

Our friend over at TCU, Tyler Elings, let me know that they are now an official club at TCU and they are looking forward to competing with us. Welcome aboard and with another collegiate club in the fold we can look foward to some keen competition.

Austin Adventure Race - USARA

This looks like a fun event and a good excuse to go to Austin for the weekend and they have actual prize money.  Here's their pitch:

Two Great Events at One Venue
May 9, 2009 Burnet, Texas
USARA Sprint Adventure Race National Championship
The USARA is proud to present the 2009 Sprint Adventure Race National
Championship. Teams from around the country will battle it out for bragging
rights in Burnet, Texas. Two member teams will mountain bike, trail run and
paddle their way to victory. Categories will include male, female, coed, coed
masters, male masters, Clydesdale and the all new relay category.
USARA Collegiate Adventure Race National Championship
The USARA Collegiate Adventure Race National Championship will be held in
conjunction with Sprint Nationals. Collegiate competitors will compete for the title
of Sprint Collegiate National Champions. Teams of two will mountain bike, trail
run and paddle. Categories will include coed & male.
For the second year in a row, the AIX Group will offer an amazing $3000
sponsorship to the winning collegiate coed team. This sponsorship package will
include AIX Team Racing Gear, funds for race fees and travel expenses, and
armfulls of gear!! The sponsorship includes equipment from Merrell, Suunto,
Native and Zanfel. The team will also receive free entry into the 2009 USARA 24
Hour Adventure Race National Championship, a $900 value, and will be crowned
the USARA Collegiate Sprint Adventure Race National Champions!
Visit for more details and to get registered today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Travis Mossy's 1st Race 11th!

SMU Cycling's Travis Mossy had his first race on Tuesday, and if any of you have done any crits, you know that there is a steep learning curve, but Travis finished a very credible 11th out of the nearly 50 riders. Nicky had a set of lightweight wheels for Travis to borrow and gave him some good advice. Nicky won, and will have to be give up his cat 5 status as he has won 2 races in a row.

Travis, things are looking good for you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Ride Report: The View from Behind....

Yes, so I don't get out on the bike even a third of how much I would like to, so on days like today - even when I don't really want to - I do. And after all the stops, turns, and hills..... it's always better :) Today was a small group: Noah, Nick, Caryn, Scot, Greg, Mike, and myself. But always a fun one. After getting completely squashed on the lake side, we took the "horseshoe" as Mike calls it. The rollers were actually quite comfortable but when we got over to Loving, I felt as if I hadn't rode in AGES! Slow and steady, quite like a turtle (maybe a turtle would have been faster) I arrived at the top. Thanks to Mike for sitting steady with me. For most of the ride, Caryn and I were behind the boys - keeping a great pace, Caryn is always an excellent ride partner (There's your shout out praise, C!) And then she blew everyone away up Loving. All in all, a good ride. I'm sure Scot will have a more in depth report up soon - but it's always an interesting view from behind!

Pedal on.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vintage Bike Rallye

Just a short note to let everyone know that Greg, Clyde and I participated in the vintage bike "extravaganza" this past weekend. A lot of the credit (okay, all of it) goes to Clyde for organizing the festivities and mapping out the route from the Fair Park area to White Rock Lake.

The show had some really cool bikes on display, including Clyde's Peugeot and Raleigh, a super fine Guarini, Randy's awesome Cavalera time trial bike, and my Eddy Merckx 7-Eleven and Trek 560.

Having spent a week concentrating on prepping the Trek, I noticed that the Merckx was in dismal shape... dirty, muddy, dusty, a black chain and dingy bar tape. So I pulled an all-nighter and broke her down to the bare frame, cleaned and waxed the frame, took apart all the components and cleaned and lubricated them (the rear derraileur's lower pulley has metal teeth!), cleaned and polished the entire drive train and installed an NOS chain and new white cork handlebar tape. Too seal the deal, I installed my vintage excellent condition Regal seat (with the copper rivets).

I also prepared an informational one-sheet about the bike and also brought along my cherished edition of Bicycle Guide from May 1989 with the bike, Andy Hampsten and Eddy Merckx on the cover.

Boy, the Merckx looked spectacular and I believe it was the hit of the show! The ride was very fun, even if a few of my spokes loosened up on my (not so vintage) Open Pro front wheel.

There is another vintage ride coming up in May, contact Clyde or me if interested!

Steel is real!


P.S. I've come to realize that I am also a vintage rider, but that is another topic all together.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tree hugging of a different kind...

So, I must admit. I may have committed a roadie sin: I bought a mountain bike. After much saving and scrimping, I ended up with my GT Zaskar, complete with SLX's and brakes that I have no idea how to maintain. Yesterday, I took it for a 'break-in' ride (which is why there is no mention of me in Scot's entry). After a total count of 4 trees hit, 6 spills, and some blood drawn, I called it a day after traversing the entire trail at Erwin Park (McKinney). Steve (shout out to the bike shop, Performance @ 75 & Walnut Hill) taught me how to go over log piles which I surprisingly found easier than I thought it would be.

After a little bit of thought, I don't think I'll leave the road. Really, I think the skills I'm learning to keep away from the trees will help me become a better road rider: keep a better line, be able to aptly ride out of a skid, etc. The off-road experience is definitely something I think everyone should try -- just watch out for the trees!

Note: Picture added by moderator.

"Would you like your spanking with Tzatziki?"

In front of the Asian Student Association celebration that was held at the flagpole, we had a strong group show up, Nicky (fresh off a victory in the Tuesday night crits), Travis, Noah, Michael, and Caryn joined me for our weekly thrashing.

Travis was so enthused about Nicky's victory that he decided to get his license and race next week! The weather was making everyone feel excited to be on the bike as you could not ask for a better evening. We arrived at the lake, and Michael had this notion of setting up situations for the three students to simulate racing situations.

We discussed these scenarios, but confused, we started. Noah, Travis and Nicky waited while Michael, Caryn and I took off. We were to get ahead, have them catch, and then go again, with the guys working to set up Travis in the sprint. I don't think we had enough horsepower though since they caught quickly enough, then Michael makes a strong move to get away (actually, I don't think I have ever seen him go quite as powerfully as that before) then we all chased and Travis made his move from 600 meters out! If Caryn and myself could have worked better together we might have caught him but he surprized us with a move so long out. Bad move at the crits but not so bad tonight.

The next sequence, for Michael, Caryn and myself was to get away and try to stay away, Noah was the designated sprinter from the "kids". So Caryn and I started talking and Michael was gone. I put my head down and try to chase him, and chase, and chase and finally pull him back (about the same spot Travis took off from last lap) I pass him and launch Caryn to the sprint line. All this time we are expecting the team to charge past, but they never did. Noah appears soon enough, I guess he had been chasing. Turns out Nicky met one of his trade club team mates and they talked just long enough to let us have an insurmountable lead! Plus Travis had a pedal issue on his Colnago and tried to straighten that out.

Next lap was to be tempo all the way around the lake, but Travis and Nicky show the rest of us what tempo really is. As we tried to follow their pace we got to the little rise that gets us next to the lake and I can see Caryn shutting it down, manifold pressure off, oil pressure up, time to put out a few less watts. She was already working on her 50 miles for the day (her mileage by the time we returned to SMU) the rest of us were hoping for 30+. At this time, all she could think of was a line from a computer game of Othello. When the computer Greek god would beat you, he would say "Would you like your spanking with Tzatziki?" That was an endless loop playing in her head. I played domestique and pulled her as the rest disappear quickly. Michael commented that it was a thing of beauty to see Travis and Nicky alternate pulls so effortlessly.

The rest of the way around the lake was tempo (19-21 mph) and we rode together well.
The city limit sprint? My one moment of glory on the day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nicky Boulle, two races, two victories

I guess it is time for Nicky to cat up, since he has his victory in the tuesday night crits, 1st place in the cat 5's. He also was first in his age group, 6th overall at the Duathlon this past weekend. Chapeau!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wednesday ride report

We were joined by Beth Newman and her protege, Maggie Smith, a 2007 SMU grad. She does most of her riding with Team in Training, you know the group, they have 90's era Mardi Gras colors, but are supporters of a good cause (the Leukemia Foundation).

Travis joined us again along with the usual stalwarts Noah, Caryn and ride captain Michael Vangeli. We met Nicky out at White Rock. It is fortunate for us that he has some crit skins on the wall and doesn't need to thrash us since he had a good race on Tuesday. Noah has his license now and will be battling the other "crash fives" for a while.

The weather was again brutally windy at the lake, so it created some splits in the group (and some chasing)

We did up and backs, even though I would like to do a Sunnyvale tempo ride once in a while. We will need to get a bit more light. It does require a consensus from those attending.

After the ride, we had a meeting at TP Hill to discuss our Bishop crit, and Noah has some good ideas to get the event staged during an SMU weekend (where we will have a lot of visitors.) Till next week...

Nicky Boulle, 3rd place in Cat 5 Tuesday Crit

Using the "cause pain" strategy to burn away a lot of the field, Nicky broke away mid race for 5 or 6 laps, causing only the strongest to join him. In the sprint Nicky finished 3rd, so the results keep coming.