Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recent Results....

Let's see, Frank won the Thursday C race and finished 2nd in the B race on March 25then Ryan placed 6th in the C race, Tuesday Crits in Plano.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday Results from King Racing Group

1 Bret Crosby Metro VW
2 Leo Frayre Metro VW
3 Jonny Sundt Kenda
4 Christian Helmig Metro VW
5 Bryan Fawley Park Place

B Race
1 Larry Delicco Rockwall Racing
2 Frank Cusimano SMU Cycling
3 Micheal Slaughter Rockwall Cycling
4 Jon Blanton Mirage
5 Craig Keane

C Race
1 Frank Cusimano SMU Cycling
2 John Booth Mirage
3 Randy Kienast Mirage
4 Brad Bedell PACC


Thursday Night Crits, King Racing

Frank won the C race in a sprint, with our SMU triathlon club grad student Ryan Cooper finishing in the field just 10 meters behind (also his 1st crit race of the year after recovering from a stress fracture) The B race was more of the same, Frank dominated all but one, finishing second by inches.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fayetteville Stage Race

First day of Spring and it snows in North Texas, and it hails on the racers in Fayetteville (near Houston) The road race on the first day sees so much rain that the road debris gets washed out of its hiding places, causing a huge number of flats.

Frank had a flat with 5 miles to go and the neutral support vehicle was full of flatted tires, so he started to walk, but the threat of hypothermia caused the officials to pull him off the course. He reluctantly DNF'd but he unsuccessfully argued his case and his weekend was done.
Nicky finished in the pack in the Saturday road race, but won the cat 3 Time trial that afternoon. On Sunday he finished 3rd in the race. A good and bad weekend for the guys.

Alex Gibson of TCU won the Cat 4 TT and finished 3rd overall for GC. It appears that collegiate racing in the metroplex is getting a foothold! Congrats to everyone who raced, whether you finished or not, because the conditions were epic.

Friday, March 19, 2010

King Racing Thursday Crits. Awesome!

Ginny King from RBM has developed an alternative weekly series (Tuesday Plano and Wednesday Fort Worth)that had its inaugural race yesterday, March 18th. Quite a good turnout, easy to get to and a great course.

I decided that I wanted to be a real racing cyclist again rather than a virtual one or just a promoter, so in the mail arrives the usacycling license. No better place to flash it (and pay the $15) is Ginny's race. 503 bib number, yea starting as a cat 5, no Masters cat in this series, just the C race. Frank Cusimano of the SMU cycling team has worked past the crash 5's in the past year to a 4 and soon to be a 3, and as State Champion in the 5's (a category you shouldn't defend from year to year) I asked for some advice being 20 years removed from racing a crit. Sage advice, if I had only paid attention.

Before I left, I asked my daughters for a good luck kiss, and they gave me some good luck charms. As I walk to my car, I see that my left front Bridgestone Tourenza has started to delaminate. Wow. That would have been bad on the highway. They came in handy during the race.

Crit racing means that your bike is now only a disposable tool, not a lovingly carressed object of veneration. That smooth clear coat is now at risk at any turn, not to mention the SRAM Red. The guy wearing the old CSC tiscali jersey with the nice Cervelo SRAM Red probably took the brunt of the fall on his elbow and knee just to save his bike!

After chasing Nicky around the lake all year, none of the surges seemed too tough, but it was obvious that I didn't have enough miles in the legs to do the surges myself. The last turn before the longish straightaway has a drainage inset in the street that causes a compression on the bike if you hit it right, and I did, causing my seat post to go from "DOR"IC TEAM 3T to EAM 3T to where I finished, just 3T showing. It was almost like I was sitting on the top tube.

I have always sprinted a bit too far out and I was waiting till we got to the straightaway, but by then I was a little too far back, so a mid pack finish was all that I had to show for it, but at least I stayed upright. One bonus, NBC News 5 covered the crit, so the local news had some footage of us racing.
Next week Frank said he was going to do the C and B race, so I hope to latch on his wheel for a few laps and get a few good pictures before he drops me. 20 year old legs vs 50!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caryn Finishing HCTT

Frank Starts HCTT

Nicky Starting HCTT

Caryn starting HCTT

North Texas Cup Points, (Elite Men)

1st Nicholas Boulle Dallas Racing/SMU 87
2nd Warney Crosby FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 74
3rd Austin Stewart FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 50
4th Joshua Carter Team Hotel San Jose/MSU 40
5th Christian Helmig FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 34
6th Kolt Bates FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 29
7th Chris Carlson Matrix Cycling Club 29
8th Danny Parks GS Tenzing 29
9th Elkin Arteaga Velossimo Racing 25
10th William Rader FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 21
11th Corey Ray Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 21
12th Greg Andersen Colavita Racing Inc. 21
13th Don Harm 18
14th Mat Stephens FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 18
15th Mario Arroyave Velossimo Racing 18
16th Collin Davis Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 15
17th Gerardo Chaparro Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 15
18th Jonathan Sundt 15
19th Nicklaus Kiernan FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 13
20th Walter Megura McKinney Velo Club 13
21st Christopher Hamilton Dallas Racing 13
22nd Jesse Moran 12
23rd Stephen Weber McKinney Velo Club 12
24th Jeremy Miller Team Undiscovered 11
25th Robb Bush Cycling 11
26th Joshua Barton Colavita Racing Inc. 10
27th Max Miley Matrix Cycling Club 10
28th Lucas Brusseau Cynergy - Tribal Cycling 9
29th David Hassan GS Tenzing 9
30th Leonardo Frayre FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 8
31st Michael Kincaid FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 8
32nd Jorge Merle Dallas Racing 7
33rd Kyle Sigl ThinkCash Racing 7
34th Alexi Martinez 6
35th Brad Price McKinney Velo Club 6
36th Jimmy Olsen Dallas Racing 5
37th Steve Dodge Dallas Racing 3
38th Rick Wetherald 3
39th Clay Hobson McKinney Velo Club 2
40th Russell Wiseman Colavita

North Texas Cup Points (Novice Men)

1st Frank Cusimano 65 SMU
2nd Matthew DENTON 47
3rd Robert McCallum 40
4th Tom Brandish 40
5th Brian Wolfe Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 36
6th jeremy morris B & B Bicycles 34
7th Mike McCrary 34
8th Jay Coleman 29 OU
9th John Mitchell Team Bicycles Inc. 24
10th John Harding Team Bicycles Inc. 21
11th Demian Whitworth FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 18
12th Gregory Mead Rockwall Cycling 13
13th Cody Davis 13
14th Don Campbell Rockwall Cycling 12
15th Dennis Sauter Rockwall Cycling 11
16th marc parlette Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 11
17th James Walker Team Bicycles Inc. 11
18th David Carter Mirage 10
19th Jeff Harvick Rockwall Cycling 9
20th Brad Ahrens Raising Cane's Racing 9
21st Michael Thornton FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 8
22nd Kurt Pennington Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 8
23rd Anthony Mocella Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 7
24th Ryan Scott 7
25th Roland SanMiguel 6
26th Bert Herrington Mirage 5
27th Craig Morgan Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 4
28th Brady Fain Team Undiscovered 4
29th Michael Steeves Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 3
30th Richard Reddell Dallas Racing 3
31st Tim Kolb McKinney Velo Club 2
32nd Todd Fuller 1
33rd Eric Warden Team Bicycles Inc.

Monday, March 15, 2010

HCTT results Woman's Open

Women's Open
0:30:10 1
0:33:02 2
0:33:08 3
0:33:42 4
0:33:50 5
0:34:07 6
0:34:58 7
0:35:46 8
0:36:04 9
0:36:36 10
0:36:40 11
0:36:42 12
0:36:47 13
0:38:16 14
0:38:57 15
0:40:32 16
0:42:32 17

Races this weekend

We held a crit this weekend. Andrew Armstrong of Matrix and USA Cycling did a fabulous job of organizing it, and Adam Tunks helped with registration, Fondren Library’s Rob Walker took HD pictures and video of the finishes and SMU’s Associate Director of Facilities Management and Sustainability Michael Vangeli helped design the course. Rob and Mike’s experience greatly assisted making the course as safe and challenging as it could possibly be in such a difficult venue (Rob used to race in Belgium, early 90’s on the cobbles of Flanders, and in innumerable European criteriums)

What impressed me the most, and disheartened me the most was seeing the schools attending such as Rice, U of Houston, Oklahoma Baptist, Texas Tech, UNT and seeing how much fun they were having competing for their school. I met some very nice people from Tech and A&M, LSU and UNT. I reconnected with friends from the powerhouse MSU team. Alas, we were very under represented at our own race.

There is no reason to fear collegiate racing, especially the D or C races, many of those cyclists are competing in their first organized race, and were enjoying it immensely. The A’s are impressive, talented cyclists and the B races are very competitive. It is less intimidating than you might think, and a great way to meet students from other schools. Please attend a race before your college career is up, you just don’t know what fun you are missing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

USA Cycling Conference standings

Current Conference Standings

The 2010 USA Cycling Collegiate Road season is under way in 8 of the 11 conferences, and we have the team standings so far. There are going to be some tough fights for the top honors out there!
Top 5 shown in each conference

1. US Naval Academy

2. North Carolina State University

3. Virginia Tech

4. University of Maryland

5. West Virginia University


1. Pfeiffer University

2. Duke University

3. George Washington University

4. Appalachian State Univeristy

5. College of William & Mary


1. University of Florida

2. Clemson University

3. University of Georgia

4. Florida State University

5. Lees McRae College


1. Mars Hill College

2. King College

3. Furman University

4. College of Charleston

5. University of Central Florida


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Dartmouth College

3. University of Pennsylvania

4. Pennsylvania State University

5. University of Vermont

1. Lindsey Wilson College

2. Marian University

3. University of Wisconsin - Madison

4. Northwestern University

5. Indiana University


1. Midwestern State University

2. Texas A&M University

3. University of Texas - Austin

4. Southern Methodist University

*These SCCCC rankings contain only Nationals Qualifier (Category A) Points


1. Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo

2. University of California - Davis

3. University of California - Los Angeles

4. University of California - Santa Barbara

5. Stanford University

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paris-Nice Fisticuffs

Big bad Bernie mixing it up with the fans at the 1984 Paris Nice. Ten points to the first person to identify the Panasonic rider in the middle of the photograph.

Monday, March 8, 2010

P 2/3 Results

P,2,3,4 posted by Christian on 3/7/2010 7:22:00 PM.

1. Nicholas Boulle (Park Place/SMU)
2. Bret Crosby (Metro VW)
3. Danny Parks (GS Tenzing)
4. David Arteaga (Velossimo)
5. Greg Anderson (Colavita)
6. Mario Arroyave (Velossimo)
7. Gerardo Chaparrp (PACC)
8. (I'm sorry, but the wet results sheet has this blurred out)
9. Walt Megura (McKinney Velo)

~30 starters

P123 Results

P123 posted by Christian on 3/7/2010 7:28:00 PM.

1. Bret Crosby (Metro VW)
2. Nicholas Boulle (Park Place/SMU)
3. Chris Carlson (Matrix)
4. Austin Stewart (Metro VW)
5. Will Rader (Metro VW)
6. Mat Stephens (Metro VW)
7. Johnny Sundt (Kenda)
8. Nick Kiernan (Metro VW)
9. Stephen Weber (McKinney Velo)
10. Robb Bush (Colavita)
11. (I'm sorry, but I can't read it)
12. Joshua Barton (Colavita)
13. Lucas Brusseau (Bicycles Plus)
14. Chris Hamilton (Park Place)
15. Jorge Merle (Park Place)
16. Brad Price (McKinney Velo)
17. Adam Allen (PACC)
18. Jimmy Olsen (Park Place)
19. Chopper Kincaid (Metro VW)
20. Rick Wetherald (Tribal)
21. Clay Hobson (McKinney Velo)
22. Russell Wiseman (Colavita)

~50 Starters

Bicycles Plus Spring Crit results (4/5's)

4,5's posted by Christian on 3/7/2010 7:50:00 PM.

1. Frank Cusimano (Southern Methodist University)
2. Jeremy Morris (B&B Bicycles)
3. Matthew Denton (Tortoise Racing)
4. Tom Brandish (Dallas Bike Works)
5. John Harding (Team Bicycles, Inc)
6. Damian Whitworth (Metro VW)
7. Brian Wolfe (PACC)
8. Cody Davis (Mad Duck)
9. John Mitchell (Team Bicycles, Inc)
10. D.C. Sauter (Rockwall Cycling)
11. Don Campbell (Rockwall Cycling)
12. Jeff Harvick (Rockwall Cycling)
13. Michael Thornton (Metro VW)
14. Ryan Scott (Team Bicycles, Inc)
15. James Walker (Team Bicycles, Inc)
16. Bert Herrington (Mirage)
17. Craig Morgan (PACC)
18. Richard Reddell (Park Place)
19. Tim Kolb (McKinney Velo)
20. Eric Warden (Team Bicycles, Inc)
21. Greg Mead (Rockwall Cycling)
22. John Supplee (Frisco Cycling)
23. Clint Junell (Liftime Fitness)
24. Rober Myers (Mad Duck)
25. Chad Harvey (Infinity Cycling)
26. Tracy McGrath (Matrix)
27. Russ Fagan (Metro VW)
28. Jeff Napier (Rockwall Cycling)
29. Scott Mabry (Team Bicycles, Inc)
30. Maxfield Williams (Rockwall Cycling)
31. Justin Kee (B&B Bicycles)
32. Danny Finlan
33. Brian Gilbert
34. Kurt Pennington (PACC)
35. Dean Danowski
36. Anthony Mocella (PACC)
37. Chris Lorance (Rockwall Cycling)
38. (I'm sorry, but I can't read it)
39. Lane Pollock (Infinity Cycling)
40. Rodolfo Zermeno
41. Rolan Dan Miguel (Corinth Cycling Club)
42. Steel Gonzales (BSKLaw/BikeWorld)
43. Derrick Saunders
44. Justin Schofield
45. Colby Logback
46. Joshua Storm (Frisco Cycling)
47. Douoglas Darling (Team Bicycles, Inc.)
48. Bryan Carlson
49. Zachary Carlson (Matrix)

75 starters

Monday, March 1, 2010

More Pictures from TT Weekend

The second picture from the bottom is Frank getting caught near the line (he is at the left), as he tried to attack an unfavorable group since he was outnumbered. Never hurts to try.

Nicky was in an unfavourable breakaway (he was constantly attacked by the MSU guys, had to chase down every attack by himself until fried,) so his strategy was win or else, rather than accept a 2nd or 3rd place finish.

SMU Attends First Collegiate Road Race, Texas Tech Weekend

Nicholas Boulle finished 7th in the Men's A Omnium, with his highlight being a 5th place finish in the Time Trial.
Frank Cusimano finished 7th as well in Men's B Omnium, highlighted by a 5th place in the crit.

Chapeau to both!