Monday, April 26, 2010

Matrix Challenge

Frank and Nicky did both races (Saturday and Sunday) in the historic Wilson Block and Meadows Foundation area of Swiss Avenue. The Meadows Foundation is an important benefactor for both SMU and the Meadows School of the Arts, so it was very enjoyable to have a bike race in their front yard.

The P1-2 race had the British Champion, Kristian House, competing and he was resplendent in an elegant Rapha kit with the British colors across his chest. Much more elegant than their usual kits of late. Discussing his presence with Nicky, he said that he wants to wear that jersey someday, we didn't realise he holds joint citizenship (his Mom is British.)

We saw our former SMU colleague Kelly Devlin marshalling one corner. Her boyfriend was in the P1-2 race, hanging in their after a slow start to his season. Andrew Armstrong took an early flyer, but Hot Tubes rider Lawson Craddock won in a late breakaway.

Nicky's race on Saturday was also decided on a late break that he let go, getting a solid 5th. Frank's was prominent at the front in his race, only nearly get taken out at the 7th corner, causing him to roll in in the middle of the group, incredulous that the race was decided by a poor decision of a fellow competitor, but that is racing.

Sunday saw Park Place's Brian Fawley gobble up primes and the P12 race, annoyed about missing out the previous day.

Nicky's 5th place on Saturday might have quieted the clamor for him to upgrade for a day, but he easily won on Sunday, creating more fodder for the TxBra forums.

Frank's race followed, and always near the front, he played the role of lieutenant for a Park Place colleague, who helped him get 2nd in Mineral Wells, and Frank tried to let his friend get away on the last lap, who earned a 2nd place, while Frank rolled in 8th.

We watched Ginny King of Mirage race in the Woman's Open both days, and she loves racing with guys, but the negative racing in woman's events drives her nuts. She finished top 5 both days, but we should have talked Caryn into doing the race, she felt uncomfortable with the technical nature of the course.

A great venue and solid results for our friends and riders.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mineral Wells Stage Race

Another wet weekend in North Texas, but Nicky did not let it faze him as he won both races on Saturday (the road race and the Time Trial). Frank had consistent finishes plus won a prime and 2nd in the KOM category to accrue enough points to be in a strong second place going into Sunday's last event.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baylor Weekend, Jeff has a 3rd place!

Jeff Klein did his first collegiate race in Waco for the Mustangs, finishing on the podium in 3rd place in his first collegiate race. Chapeau!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Park Place Crits in Historic Fair Park

In the weekend's Races on Saturday Nick won the Cat 3 Race (Frank had his rear wheel taken out by a racer who rolled his tire off the rim, and suffered some intense road rash but is OK, more later) Nicky was in a four man break, and overtook the leader in the last 100 meters by making up a 4-5 bike lengths with a huge surge to the line. Caryn raced her first crit and finished 5th in Cat 4 race.

On Sunday, Nick and Frank won their races with Frank getting some great teamwork from Ryan Cooper, who got to the front and shut the field down as they were starting to chase Frank. Great moment in SMU Cycling history.

Only three woman braved the rain on Sunday, and Caryn finished 2nd. Huge props to a Park Place coach who gave her very good advice on cornering since Caryn is a bit unsure of herself in crits. Basically, stay in the drops (puts more weight on front wheel to bite better in turns) and cornering is done at same speed as straights, don't worry about catching a pedal. You have to really lean over hard to worry about crank arm placement.