Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sponsorship, bike racks etc

We haven't been idle these last couple of weeks. There are a couple of campus issues that we are investigating that are peripheral to the cycling club but are still important. The proliferation of bikes on campus has created over crowded bike racks where cyclists have started to spread to hand rails (which we must frown upon.)

Mike Paul at CPPO has been working with us to get more racks, as well as the bike lockers that the serious riders want. We need to evaluate placement and style of rack, so if anyone has input, let us know.

I communicated with the president of Baylor's cycling club this week to get some insight on sponsorship. For some of the really ambitious items (like team bikes) we need to grow our numbers of those that will compete and go to races. Brandon Thomas, the BU prez, said that the experience of traveling to races with teamates was a rich and rewarding ecperience. He also seems to have a shared vision of growing collegiate cycling. It seems that TCU and UNT might reappear this next year, which would be great news. I have thought about helping UTD get going (at least in guidance, I'm leary of green and orange!)

Jeff, Sam and Rob are going to visit these two potential sponsors and see what mutually benefits us, so hopefully we will have news on that front soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SMU dad Tim Barrios w/ friend Tim

A shout out to Tim Barrios (Danielle's Dad,) resident of Scotsdale Az and accomplished cyclist. He is on the Trek.

Cities in turmoil

The artist who did this is a former, albeit brief, Dallas resident. Due to the cycling club's ongoing dialogue regarding bicycle commuting, I thought I would put out an Utopian vision of the future for us to discuss. Just like Dallas, which has grandiose plans of the future, Adelaide's future exists in committee and shelved urban planning. Developers have built large mixed use spaces that sit poorly placed in the fabric of the city. These projects sit near the city center like the proverbial white elephant. (See possible Dallas Convention Center Hotel)
For insight into another city's infrastructure difficulties, read

also visit for more intriguing artwork

Tony helped me get an A in my Prof Van Kemper class "Anthropology of Tourism" by giving the class an evocative lecture on Tasmania! Forever in debt.

Future Adelaide, Future Dallas

Sunday, November 2, 2008

... is this thing on?! ...

So, except for being directionally deficient – hence, why today at the lake for our celebration ride, I “casually” did another lap thinking everyone was in front of me – I am also technologically deficient. I have a hard time setting my TiVo, I can’t work my wireless card in my laptop, & don’t even get me started on cell phones that have features other than flip ‘n’ dial. J But, since procrastinating on this 15 page paper due tomorrow seems much better than actually writing it, I’ve decided to enter the world of blogging. Soooo, here goes nothing.

Walker… I Mean, Weasel?... has told you about LiveStrong so now it’s my turn. First, let’s say it was a big deal I even found my way to pick up my packet on Friday afternoon at the Austin Convention center. No, I understand that Austin is a straight shot down I-35 but really, google maps suck & made me exit in North Austin so I got a nice scenic tour of Austin. Packet pick-up accomplished, I found my cousin Heather (shout out!) & headed to the casa. She was nice enough to let me bring my bike inside so I didn’t lose any sleep thinking my bike was growing legs & walking away (like it so nicely did out of my office). Saturday AM came way too early as we packed up & headed to the Capitol to start the 5K. Overall, I had a good run but Sunday made me think I will probably not do the run again. Saturday afternoon I didn’t do anything until we met up with the group at Roaring Fork (thanks again, Marci!). After filling my belly with lots of food, including a volcano brownie of sorts – maybe that’s what did me in? – back to bed. Bright & early, I only got a teeny bit lost trying to find the Omni, met up with everyone, & off we went. Once the guy parked my car in a spot I was sure it was going to sink in (note: Dodge Stratus = not off-road vehicle), I slipped on my Pony sleeves & went off to find the start. Gung ho & rearing to do 90, Jeff, Matt & myself had a pretty good start. Then came the hills. Albeit, rollers – I wasn’t the most enthused about them. However, I mustered up some energy – aka found a group to pull me back to Jeff & Matt … & off we went. When the rest stop came for the 90/65 split, I waived a fond adieu to Jeff & Matt deciding I would be better off at 65. Vlad found us & Jeremiah came rolling in a few seconds later. A new group formed & more hills we climbed. (**insert Julie Andrews singing the signature “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music -- -like I said, couldn’t insert the music here if I tried!) Towards the end, we found the rest of the 65ers, took advantage of the Powerstops & rolled into the finish.

With a cold beer in hand, I had to admit it was a great riding day. I’m already geared up for next year … and hey, I even did an extra lap to prove it!!

Pedal on and Pony up!