Monday, October 11, 2010

Texas State Championship Weekend, Ft. Hood

A long and very successful road season came to a close for SMU this past weekend. Mina, Nicky, Frank, Jeff, Buzz and Caryn all claimed victories in 2010. Whether it was the cyclocross victory of Mina Pizzini in Austin's Lone Star Challenge, Nicky Boulle's TxTough win in front of a huge crowd, Jeff Klein outsprinting the Cat 4 field at Cotton Patch, Frank's solid season with many top 10's and a handful of crit victories, Buzz Nanavati's omnium win in Greenville or Caryn's dominating ride in the W35+ at the state championship, the year was full of superlatives.

The drive to the site of the Ft. Hood Challenge, which is held on the military base, is somewhat surreal, the white fine gypsum like soil and sparse vegetation make the tent city appear more like the Burning Man festival. Typically the last serious road race of the year, Andy Hollinger's Racing Post Fort Hood Challenge is the Texas State Championship. The race course, despite it's severity, brings out the experienced racers and the novice cyclist's alike, despite the race's placement late in the racing calendar. The lure of the state championship jersey that is awarded to the first place finishers in skill based and aged based races is a tempting goal for the entire racing community.

For the SMU team, Jeff Klein opted out due to an intense summer, going from a Cat 5 to a Cat 3 in just a few months. Buzz was competing in a national triathlon event, and that left Nicky, Frank, and the Montague's to compete in the Fort Hood Challenge. Nicky was racing the Cat 2 race, Frank the 3's, Caryn the Woman's 4 on Saturday and Sunday Frank and Nicky did the U23 race, Caryn the W35+ race and Scot the M50-59 race.

Caryn and her season began in April, with a new licence, many miles in her legs but little organized racing experience. Like Buzz, her background was running, with numerous New York HS State meets and a NY title to her name. She would compete and become friends with many of the W4's in the DFW area including Sarah Wells, Kathy Weldon, Cindi Philippi, Carla Keeton, Erin Hotchkiss, the intense competitor Brandi LaFleur and the revelation of the late summer, Kaelly Simpson. A recent grad of the University of Nebraska, Kaelly arrived in Dallas to teach math at Bishop Lynch and soon made her presence felt at the local road and cross races.

The W4 race split on the first obstacle, a steep hill that appears 7.5 miles in the course. Kaelly and Amy Brown distanced Caryn, with the other girls far down the slope. The race was established here, with Amy and Kaelly in a breakaway, with Caryn and Stephanie Page in pursuit and the rest behind. Two Shama woman and the two showing the colors of the Huskers and Mustangs. The rest of the 25 miles saw these places solidify, with the Shama racer Amy Brown's experience getting the better of Nebraska's Kaelly in the sprint. Amy briefly dropped her chain and Kaelly went, earning her the nickname "Contador." Whether the nickname sticks depends upon a little matter of clenbuterol and plasticizers. Caryn was able to outsprint the other Shama cyclist Stephanie for Bronze. 6 minutes later Cindi sprinted ahead of Jennifer Wagner, U of H's Afton Shelton, MetroVW's Carla, Park Place's Sarah and Rockwall cycling's Kathy. Kudos to collegians Becca Camp of TCU and Lauren Fossum of Texas Tech, who chose this demanding course for their first race. Watching expectantly like a new father, Michael Gacki was proud that his girlfriend, Shelby, also finished the race. She was first among the debutantes!

Of all the racers on SMU's roster, club president Nicky Boulle needs little introduction, especially after his sweep of the races in Mineral Wells as a 3, and his win in Dallas' TX Tough as a 2. His race on Saturday, racing in his Park Place colors, saw him feeling quite ready for the challenge. Too bad his Dura-Ace chain wasn't. It snapped 10 miles from the finish, leaving him to start his focus, not on a victory salute, but where to find a chain in the middle of the wind swept, butte horizoned plain. Luckily, he would be able to race on Sunday since the race's mechanic from Bicycle's Inc had a spare 10 speed Dura Ace chain.

Frank Cusimano's race was setting up nicely for him (returning to the scene where he won the Cat 5 State Championship in 2009) but his good legs were not rewarded with the right wheel to follow, but he still finished a credible 8th in a very large Cat 3field.

Of interest was the nick of time arrival in the Cat 4 race of Alex Gibson of TCU and MetroVW, who had the misfortune of having keys, bike, shoes, helmet - all locked in his truck. Two handy slim jims were no match for the skill and experience of the AAA locksmith, who followed our 45 minute struggle to get in the Yukon with a seemingly effortless 5 second and successful break-in that left everyone dumbstruck. Race saved for Alex, whose TCU club was also at the race in full force, (Becca, JR, Cash, Justin and Filip (who is a former Bosnian Junior cycling champion.)) Also seen in force, the Texas Tech club, who had a slew of "Will's" competing in the 5's. Eric Wright aka "Crashman" was cheering/jeering his Tech team mates to the finish. One Tech racer had the greasiest chain ever seen, it looked like an oil extrusion.

Sunday had the Age based races and everyone complained of heavy legs, save for Scot whose broken femur 6 weeks earlier allowed him to do only one race during the weekend. Dropped on the first big climb, a serious chase back in the nurturing field was foiled in the last three miles with cramps on the last obstacle before the finish, another climb. 17th in age, 26th overall, but considering a broken leg 6 weeks earlier, mission accomplished.

More troubling was Frank's distress due to possible food poisoning (two trips to the Copperas Cove Subway. Two trips?) had him feeling very shaky for the U23 race. Nicky was able to finish 9th, 3rd in the age class, just behind the Garmin developmemt rider Thacker Reeves and the winner, Colt Bates.

Our new friend Kaelly raced with some much more experienced riders who gave her on-course suggestions and lessons (the reason that girl is slowing up? She has a team mate up the road! Oh, duh) A great element of much of woman's racing is that the camaraderie of racing together transcends team and experience. Want to learn? Ask a fellow competitor. The new Texan by way of Nebraska, Minnesota, Germany, and DC showed that she has an effortless climbing style. She was the one who broke apart the W4 race the previous day. Kaelly's 3rd place added to her weekend total. Afterwards, the "unnattached" next to her name was getting a lot of inquiries with PACC, Park Place, Team Bicycles Inc, (direct from Andy) and others positioning themselves as the team to ride for.

Now for Caryn's masterful ride to get her the jersey. Knowing that, again, a selection would probably occur on the first big hill, Caryn was watchful. Brandi made the first attempt to get away, but Sally Sonnier's fluid climbing broke the group up including dropping Caryn near the summit. Megan Babb, Michelle Montoya, Stephanie Page, Donna Lakomski and Sally powered away, only to be shocked that Caryn bombed the descent, reaching 50+. Megan turned around and saw Caryn hurtling towards them. They started to pedal faster but her momentum caught them. Megan complimented Caryn on the catch, Stephanie was happy to see Caryn back on. The rest of the hills saw the group reduced to four (Caryn. Megan, Michelle, Stephanie) Caryn caused the other to marvel that she always climbed in the big ring, and wearing a skinsuit no less!

Stephanie and Caryn discussed concern that they were doing all the work and didn't know what to do since Michelle said she was waiting for Sally (who had been dropped.)
Caryn and Stephanie pulled the last 5k to the finish and Caryn knew she was in the wrong spot, potentially pulling Michelle to the victory, as she had the most feared sprint. Leading out, Caryn went at 225 meters, surprising Michelle, Caryn powered to the victory from the front with a visible dissappointed Michelle 2nd. As she crossed the line, Caryn did what has become a tradition, flashing pony ears across the line in triumph.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cotton Patch Classic

The Cotton Patch Classic was a huge success for SMU Cycling. The city of Greenville Tx is very supportive of the event, sponsored by the PACC cycling club. One of the city Councilmen, Dan Perkins, is an SMU alum and his daughter is a current legacy student.

The event started with the road race, where Nicky rolled in with the P1/2 pack, putting in the miles after his fabulous crit victory on Thursday. Frank also had a solid ride in the Cat 3 road race. Jeff's last weekend as a cat 4 saw him win the slightly uphill drag to the finish, winning with a margin that allowed him to throw his hands up in victory. His team mate for Metro VW and the TCU cycling team, Alex Gibson, finished a few metres back. Buzz, stuck with a 13 cog on his SRAM cassette, needs just a bit more bite on the wheel, but finished an impressive 3rd in the cat 5 race. He earned much needed points in the omnium. Caryn's race saw the Cat 4 woman play cat and mouse for 67 miles, only to have an exciting finish that resembled Thor Hushovd and Robbie MacEwan's famous head butting battles in the Tour. Caryn was squeezed and even had a Sidi buckle ripped off in the argy-bargy. Her 4th was insignificant in light of her staying up and unharmed.

The evening Time Trial was delayed 45 minutes, probably because the Greenville volunteers and police set up what seemed like 500,000 cones on the 8 mile course. Our students spent the day studying for numerous tests on Monday.

Buzz, Nicky and Frank turned in solid times, all top 10 (Jeff was on his road bike, no aero bars) and Jeff's Metro team mate Alex Gibson followed Jeff's road race win with a TT win in the Cat 4's. Caryn was nervous, starting just in front of the always formidible Cindi Philippi. Fearful the Cindi might catch her, Caryn went out fast and maintained her form to the end, winning the woman's 4 race by over a minute.

After the TT, Jeff, Buzz, Frank and Caryn were in omnium contention (at least Caryn thought she was, not preregistering for the omnium, she was actually not eligible despite having the most points.) If she had known she wasn't eligible for the omnium, she would not have shown up for the crit on Sunday.

The crit course was very challenging, with a bridge in the middle which added a climb on every lap, not quite Elk Hill, but a significant challenge when attacked every lap. Nicky was feeling the effects of a long race week and this race was not a high priority like TxTough was, so he used it to get in race miles. Frank's crit saw him finish top 20, and Buzz did just enough to secure the omnium win with three third places on the weekend.

Caryn asked Nicky where to start the sprint and he layed out a strategy that had Caryn's heart racing with nervousness, it wasn't a simple 250 meters out then go, but a plan that involved a concerted strategy from the start to finish. Nicky said to get a gap, that the gap would not seem too large but an attack before the hill starts would give her enough space to hold off everyone. Caryn saw that the climb over the bridge was taxing everyone, and that the last corner saw everyone fight for the small bit of smooth pavement. Hit that first and she knew she could get a gap before the finish. She knew her legs were not fresh enough to sprint it out with Tara and Kathy, so this was a doo or die move, and it worked to perfection.

Caryn's two first place results (her first victories of the season,) Jeff's Road race triumph and Buzz's omnium win culminated a great week for SMU cyclists.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tour of Austin

Nicky and Frank are competing in the Tour of Austin, both had pretty good time trial (5K) with top 20 results, both beat the time of former Tour white jersey winner and time trial stage winner Raul Alcala. The Saturday crit saw Frank finish in the pack, and Nicky was 16th, just behind Alcala and in front of such luminaries as Heath Blackgrove, the Haga's from A&M, Stefan Rothe and Lance's buddy John Korioth.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Many SMU cyclists were at the HHH (Hotter than Hell Hundred) in Wichita Falls. Recent past-President of the SMU Cycling club Noah Buck rode the 100 miles with colleagues from Aviall, Associate Provost Tony Tillman battled the wind for 100 miles, SMU English Prof Bruce Levy finished another 100, Dancer, now B-School student Dallas Blagg did his first century ride and Mina Pizzini, Caryn Montague, Buzz Navatani, Frank Cusimano and Nicky Boulle had a full weekend slate of USA Cycling races.

Friday night was the P12 race, men's and woman's. The woman's race saw reigning Collegiate crit champion and hometown hero Jenn Purcell win, exciting the Wichita Falls' fans. She rides for Hotel San Jose, based in her new home in Austin. Jenn used to do the Wednesday world's rides with us, and was known as "Plow Girl" due to her ability to plow through some strong guys. Many at the finish were unaware that Jenn was the same girl who used to thrash them just a few years earlier. Dallas BikeWorks' Boyd Wallace had to convince some of these same guys that yes, that this superstar cyclist and the former bike messenger, were one in the same. There isn't a more deserving person than Jenn Purcell to reap benefits from hard work, as well as being a very nice person. Chapeau!

The men's race was the usual mix of breaks and catches with a new group off the front every lap. Despite the exciting atmosphere and long tradition of HHH races just outside the MPEC center in downtown Wichita Falls, the TxTough race in Dallas has a much better setting for spectators. With the high def screens allowing spectators to catch all the action, and having the AA center as a backdrop, the ebb and flow of the race is easier to follow. The 2 time and defending winner of the Dallas Tx Tough race, Heath Blackgrove, was seen at the front often here in Wichita Falls, until he was involved in a crash just beyond the start finish line. The Hotel San Jose rider had numerous rips and tears in his jersey and shorts, with evidence of copius road rash exposed. He returned to the field despite his injuries and worked with his San Jose teammates like nothing happened. The team was obviously trying to set up a victory for Josh Carter, also reigning Collegiate crit champion and the husband of the HHH race director and head of MSU cycling, Julie Carter.

Jonny Sundt, of the Kenda pro team and East Dallas resident (living on the same street as Jenn Purcell did 10 years earlier) was feeling great after a summer of extensive racing (Tour of Taiwan, Elk Grove, TNC's and Ginny King's Thursday Night Crits) He saw the race unfold before him and felt that adrenaline rush of a probable victory, only to get taken out two corners from the finish by a San Jose train that derailed. Nicky Boulle's team mate from Park Place Dallas Racing emerged. surprisingly victorious, unscathed by the last corner debacle. Despite his summer of discontent, often felled by a respitory ailment, Nicky looked very strong in the race, always in the first third of the nearly 100 racers.

Saturday was the road races, which had many different categories that define USA Cycling's myriad of races. The finish line was bereft of news regarding these races, usually hearing scant information until the cyclists were just a few kilometers away. Judging by the discussions after the finish, the men's 35+ and the P12 race and the Cat 3 race had extensice carnage on the course, either from feed zone mishaps or late race tiredness causing mental lapses.

Frank said he was well placed to contest the sprint, but one cat 3 racer misjudged the last corner (or didn't read the race bible to know a turn was imminent after the overpass was crossed) and caused a big gap to develop, ruining the chances for some of the favorites, Frank included.

Nicky's race was won by Russ Walker of TxTough/Metro VW in a runaway, an impressive victory by a former winner (2005) Walker dangled off the front by about 10 seconds and before the P1/2 guys knew it, he was 45 seconds away. A windy section loomed and the peloton thought here was where the catch would be made and they worked hard, only to hear Russ was now 2 minutes clear. "WHAT?!" Nicky rolled in with the rest of the well beaten Pro 1/2 field

Mina and Jenn worked very effectively together (as friends should,) neither had a team mate in the race. Jenn used her powerful sprint to win again, while Mina rolled in 3rd. Mina said her job was to make sure no breaks formed that Jenn was not in. Interestingly both friends are Collegiate champions, Mina while at Penn, Jenn the current Collegiate crit champion.

Caryn's race was her first road race as a licensed rider, and planned to let no one get away, this being her birthday race. Little did she know that only a few woman would do any work. OBU's Meredith Vernon, Dallas Racing's Sarah Wells, the Bicycles Plus rider...the Metro VW....all chased the numerous attacks by Colavita's Cindy Phillipi. Cindy is recovering from shoulder reconstruction and has a hard time sprinting, so she knows her best chance is to escape. As things settled in to a routine, these girls and Caryn did most of the work, with the soon to be infamous Oklahoma eXfuze team nowhere to be seen, except at the back. Rockwall's Kathy Weldon was on strict orders from her coach to stay away from the front, and let others do the work, hence the relativly tame 21mph avg.

At the feedzone, Caryn and Bicycles Plus girl had a hard time snagging water bottles. Caryn's first grab fell to the ground, the next flew over her head, another she almost took out one of the feed zone volunteers and with one final opportunity, it was slow down, then carefully, pinch it, whew! After the drink, Sarah rides up next to Caryn and said, "Feed Zones are not supposed to be a contact sport!" causing Caryn to spit out the precious water with laughter, negating much of the needed hydration. The Bicycles plus girl said, "No one behind me is getting any water" You can always trust Sarah to make the funniest comment of the day. Brandi was very prepared for a hot day, and with 10 miles to go announced, "I'm ready for this to be over, I need to pee." caryn then said, "Maybe that will make you go faster."

Just over the overpass with a mile to go, this Oklahoma team went to the front, then peeled apart like a banana, sending two girls up the road and blocking (or worse, cutting everyone else off.) With excessive braking to avoid this blocking tactic, the race to the finish was all but over, with Colavita's Cindi Philippi able to get 2nd place behind the Oklahoma team's questionable methodology. Caryn 4th,just outsprinting Kathy Weldon, Brandi LaFleur, Meredith Vernon and Kaely Simpson, all of whom complained about the near carnage due to the manner in which eXfuze raced.

Sunday was a different crit course, set up around the MPEC parking lot. The start finish line was the Michelob Ultra stage, set up by SMU's own Preston Smith. As I bring Caryn's wheels to the SRAM neutral pit, I see Alex Gibson of TCU in a breakaway, and yell "Go Frogs!" then see an SMU rider that I don't know just behind. Awkward moment indeed. It is our triathlon club's Buzz Nanavati trying his hand at road races and looking good doing it.

I ran into Frank, who had a race later, and we discussed his weekend. He was also on the phone with Nicky, trying to get some advice to Buzz, such as click up one gear, stay hidden, etc.

I took a lot of pictures of Buzz and Alex, who both seemed well placed to win the race but both let Brent Aston get away for the win. Learning curve for the two really talented time trialists.

Caryn and Kathy, along with the MSU girls all had to repin their numbers, the lying race bible! Sarah was just a bit late so I had to try my hand at putting her number on. These Cat 4 girls had to line up with the likes of Metro's Lauren, San Jose's Jenn, and Austin Flyer Sheri Rothe, all accomplished and experienced pro girls.
A rough and tumble start saw the 4's try to settle in a comfortable spot, unaware that they would be pulled at the slightest gap. Caryn realised too late that she should have followed Kaelly Simpson when she went to close an early gap, thinking Meredith Vernon would chase, but both would regret that lapse. Kaelly stayed close enough to the P123 girls to be awarded an abbreviated victory, while Caryn sprinted with her group, claiming 4th on the day. As all of the confusion was sorted out, Caryn finished 2nd in the Cat 4 omnium to Kaelly, formerly of Nebraska Lincoln and now a Lakewood (east Dallas) resident. A podium was some consolation for Caryn's mixed bag of a weekend.

We left after the race, but Nicky was called upon to try to give his team mate the omnium for the weekend, but his numerous efforts all weekend fried all of the Park Place guys. Frank finished a commendable 8th in his race later in the afternoon.

Monday, August 16, 2010

SMU Cyclists at the State Time Trial

Just outside of San Antonio, SMU had two cyclists attend, and both walked away with podiums. Nicky Boulle finished 2nd in the U 23 (under 23) race, and Mina Pizzini won the woman's P1 Time Trial. Congrats to both!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elk Hill, Rockwall Crit

Elk Hill Circuit Race was the first real race on what has been a staple on the training circuit, the deceptively hard Elk Hill in Sunnyvale. The Woman's Open race was won by SMU's Cox school of Business Mina Pizzini, and Caryn finished 8th. Both were taunted by a Think Cash fan yelling "T is for Texas!" as they passed. Caryn thought that was the most arcane taunt ever heard. Mina's win put a cap on that.

Frank finished 3rd in the Men's 4 race, getting into every break, but suffered from team tactics as Williams team riders refused to do any work to keep away. Frank had to do all the work so that the break would stick, and in the finale the inevitable happened as the fresher guys got around him for 1st and 2nd. In the same race, Jeff had a few matches to burn early but the conditions were not suitable for him on this day.

At Rockwall, Caryn and Nicky had similar results, in the lead group and succumbing to a gambler's prime that paid off for the gambler. Caryn said that when the girl took off for the prime and then continued her attack, all she could think "darn, that was a good move." Nicky got 3rd in the 2 race and Caryn's 3rd was racing in the 3/4 race.

Jeff was determined to make up for a disappointing Elk Hill Race and finished 2nd in the cat 4 race.

HHH looms for all of us.

Friday, July 23, 2010

TNC Results King Racing Group

A Race
1 Leonardo Frayre FCS/ Metro Volkswagen
2 Daniel Parks GS Tenzing
3 Warney Crosby FCS/ Metro Volkswagen
4 Justin Schofield Infinity Cycling Club
5 Mat Stephens FCS/ Metro Volkswagen
6 Jeff Turner Dallas Racing
7 David Garrett McKinney Velo Club
8 Craig Miller Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
9 Hunter Stewart Unattached
10 David McGaffin Rockwall Cycling

B Race
1 Jeffrey Klein Southern Methodist University
2 Matthew Gosling Unattached
3 Cy Armstrong Unattached
4 William Sutton Boston Mountain Cuclist
5 Eric Wright Solar Eclipse
6 Matt Ellis Frisco Cycling Club
7 Jon Blanton Mirage

8 Colby Logback Unattached
9 Dan Hill Team Undiscovered
10 Tracy McGrath Matrix Cycling Club
11 Don Campbell Rockwall Cycling
12 Michael Braden Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
13 Chad Harvey Infinity Cycling Club
14 Jeff Brand Mirage
15 David McGaffin Rockwall Cycling

C Race
1 Heath Lambert UN
2 Brent Aston Unattached
3 Marc Atkinson Rockwall Cycling
4 Jordan Ransom Unattached
5 Adam Spears Unattached
6 Jeff Napier Rockwall Cycling
7 Nicholas Long Unattached
8 Doug Harper Unattached
9 Jason Pettit Unattached
10 Ben McGraw Rockwall Cycling

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

North Texas Regional Cup Standings

As of now, SMU Cyclists are in the following positions:

Elite Men, Nicky is in 2nd place
Amateur Men, Nicky is in 1st
Elite Woman, Caryn is in 6th place
Novice men, Frank is in 1st place, Jeff is 26th, Ryan is in 54th and Scot is 104th

Monday, July 19, 2010

HCTT Results July 17

Women's Open
KELLY DAVIS 286 Velossimo Racing 0:35:44 4

Women's Cat 4
SHEILA FUHLING 287 Metro VW 0:33:32 2

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thursday Results from King Racing Group

A Race
1 Chris Carlson Matrix Cycling Club
2 Steen Rose Athletes on Track
3 Chad Haga Super Squadra
4 Mat Stephens FCS/ Metro Volkswagen
5 Marco Corsi McKinney Velo Club
6 Kenneth Maclean GS Tenzing
7 David McGaffin Rockwall Cycling
8 Jeff Turner Dallas Racing
9 Michael Woerner GS Tenzing
10 Michael Braden Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
11 Chris Cleeland Michelob Ultra

B Race
1 Larry DeCicco Rockwall Cycling
2 Matthew Gosling Unattached
3 Michael Braden Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC
4 Jeff Turner Dallas Racing
5 John Garrett Dallas Racing
6 Bert Herrington Mirage
7 Michael Slaughter Rockwall Cycling
8 Michelle Montoya ThinkCash Racing
9 Jeff Brand Mirage
10 ADAM SEBASTIAN Unattached
11 Dennis Sauter Rockwall Cycling
12 Jeffrey Young Matrix Cycling Club
13 Curtis Palmer Colavita Racing Inc.
14 Ramon Galindo SSPI Inc.
15 J Brooks Ellis GS Tenzing

C Race
1 Jeffrey Klein Southern Methodist University
2 Darryl Miles Unattached
3 Jason Pettit Unattached
4 Heath Lambert unattached
5 William Smith Team Undiscovered
6 Cy Armstrong Unattached
7 Chad Harvey Infinity Cycling Club
8 Cory Ottinger Team Bicycles Inc.
9 Jordan Ransom Unattached
10 Bryan Wadie Colavita Racing Inc.
11 Adam Phillips Unattached
12 Allen Herrington Mirage
13 Clyde Stafford Jr Mirage
14 Brent Aston Unattached
15 Marc Atkinson Rockwall Cycling

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Night Results 6/24/10

A Race
1 Nicklaus Kiernan FCS/ Metro Volkswagen
2 Warney Crosby FCS/ Metro Volkswagen
3 Steen Rose Athletes on Track
4 Robert Snedden Rockwall Cycling
5 Leonardo Frayre FCS/ Metro Volkswagen
6 Timothy Burke McKinney Velo Club
7 David McGaffin Rockwall Cycling
8 Marco Corsi McKinney Velo Club
9 Richard Miller McKinney Velo Club

B Race
1 Larry DeCicco Rockwall Cycling
2 Jason Butler Mirage
3 Walter Megura McKinney Velo
4 Jeremy Ward Rockwall Cycling
5 Ramon Galindo SSPI Inc.
6 J Brooks Ellis GS Tenzing
7 Jeff Napier Rockwall Cycling
8 Mina Pizzini Southern Methodist University
9 Cy Armstrong Unattached
10 William Jaudes Mirage
11 Bert Herrington Mirage
12 John Garrett Dallas Racing
13 Gary Dutschmann Mirage
14 Jeff Turner Dallas Racing
15 Scott Schuster Rockwall Cycling

C Race
1 Billy Self Rockwall Cycling
2 Chad Hogan Unattached
3 John Conway Rockwall Cycling
4 Jeff Napier Rockwall Cycling
5 Maxfield Williams Rockwall Cycling
6 Nathan Montague Southern Methodist University
7 Jeremy Ward Rockwall Cycling
8 Anthony Long Mirage
9 David Gersch Mirage
10 Chad Harvey Infinity Cycling Club
11 Clyde Stafford Jr Mirage
12 Adam Brooks Unattached
13 Marc Atkinson Rockwall Cycling
14 Bryan Wadie Colavita Racing Inc.
15 David Swanson Rockwall Cycling

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

State Crit Championships, Jeff 2nd in Cat 5

Men's Cat 5 posted by ThinkCash on 5/31/2010 7:53:00 PM.

1 Sepulveda Stephen #N/A
2 Klein Jeffrey Southern Methodist University
3 Napier Garrett Unattached
4 Gonzales Steel BSK LAW/
5 Aguilar Jose Tuneros Racing
6 Rees Ken Unattached
7 Goodwin Gregg Unattached
8 Thornton Michael FCS/ Metro Volkswagen
9 Powell Sean Tuneros Racing
10 Napier Brent Unattached
11 Cumpian Ernesto Unattached
12 Steeves George Unattached
13 Craft Ryan Tuneros Racing
14 Dahlstrom Kevin Unattached
15 bell lukas Unattached
16 Rodgers Tom Unattached
17 Ericson Stewart Bicycles, Inc.
18 Davis Cody Mad Duck Cyclery

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nicky Boulle at the start HCTT May 8, 2010

HCTT May 8th

Nicky Boulle did the P123 race, Caryn Montague competed in the woman's open (both categories are the highest available), and Scot did the 4/5, which had the most entrants (45)

Nicky has done this Time trial 3 or 4 times and today was his personal best, a 27:44 which placed him second in his category, 5th best time of the day. At the finish he thought he might have underhydrated and left his Gu behind, but a solid time in a discipline in which he competes on a borrowed bike, and isn't his focus.

Caryn also set a personal best on her third HCTT, a 33:20 which would have had her easily winning the Cat 4 woman's, and 3rd in the Woman's, for her first pay out.

The second best time of the day was set by a triathlete in the 4/5's (due to the nature of licensing for usa cycling events, one day licenses for triathletes put them in the 5's or they do too few mass start races to upgrade, hence the large fields. Scot's time would have put him 3rd in Masters 40+ and 8th in Masters 50+

The challenge with this day was proportioning the effort on the way out due to the very strong headwind on the return leg. We all saw upper 30's on the flats on the outward leg and maintaining 21-22mph on the return leg was very hard (Nicky probably saw 23-24)

After the race, Scot met Korey Sessions, a UNT Triathlete wearing their new UNT cycling club jersey, very sharp. He finished 8th overall in the 4/5's about a minute up on Scot's time.

Caryn was pretty happy with her day, Nicky and Scot were OK with it, especially getting personal bests on the course, but some improvements are needed.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Matrix Challenge

Frank and Nicky did both races (Saturday and Sunday) in the historic Wilson Block and Meadows Foundation area of Swiss Avenue. The Meadows Foundation is an important benefactor for both SMU and the Meadows School of the Arts, so it was very enjoyable to have a bike race in their front yard.

The P1-2 race had the British Champion, Kristian House, competing and he was resplendent in an elegant Rapha kit with the British colors across his chest. Much more elegant than their usual kits of late. Discussing his presence with Nicky, he said that he wants to wear that jersey someday, we didn't realise he holds joint citizenship (his Mom is British.)

We saw our former SMU colleague Kelly Devlin marshalling one corner. Her boyfriend was in the P1-2 race, hanging in their after a slow start to his season. Andrew Armstrong took an early flyer, but Hot Tubes rider Lawson Craddock won in a late breakaway.

Nicky's race on Saturday was also decided on a late break that he let go, getting a solid 5th. Frank's was prominent at the front in his race, only nearly get taken out at the 7th corner, causing him to roll in in the middle of the group, incredulous that the race was decided by a poor decision of a fellow competitor, but that is racing.

Sunday saw Park Place's Brian Fawley gobble up primes and the P12 race, annoyed about missing out the previous day.

Nicky's 5th place on Saturday might have quieted the clamor for him to upgrade for a day, but he easily won on Sunday, creating more fodder for the TxBra forums.

Frank's race followed, and always near the front, he played the role of lieutenant for a Park Place colleague, who helped him get 2nd in Mineral Wells, and Frank tried to let his friend get away on the last lap, who earned a 2nd place, while Frank rolled in 8th.

We watched Ginny King of Mirage race in the Woman's Open both days, and she loves racing with guys, but the negative racing in woman's events drives her nuts. She finished top 5 both days, but we should have talked Caryn into doing the race, she felt uncomfortable with the technical nature of the course.

A great venue and solid results for our friends and riders.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mineral Wells Stage Race

Another wet weekend in North Texas, but Nicky did not let it faze him as he won both races on Saturday (the road race and the Time Trial). Frank had consistent finishes plus won a prime and 2nd in the KOM category to accrue enough points to be in a strong second place going into Sunday's last event.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baylor Weekend, Jeff has a 3rd place!

Jeff Klein did his first collegiate race in Waco for the Mustangs, finishing on the podium in 3rd place in his first collegiate race. Chapeau!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Park Place Crits in Historic Fair Park

In the weekend's Races on Saturday Nick won the Cat 3 Race (Frank had his rear wheel taken out by a racer who rolled his tire off the rim, and suffered some intense road rash but is OK, more later) Nicky was in a four man break, and overtook the leader in the last 100 meters by making up a 4-5 bike lengths with a huge surge to the line. Caryn raced her first crit and finished 5th in Cat 4 race.

On Sunday, Nick and Frank won their races with Frank getting some great teamwork from Ryan Cooper, who got to the front and shut the field down as they were starting to chase Frank. Great moment in SMU Cycling history.

Only three woman braved the rain on Sunday, and Caryn finished 2nd. Huge props to a Park Place coach who gave her very good advice on cornering since Caryn is a bit unsure of herself in crits. Basically, stay in the drops (puts more weight on front wheel to bite better in turns) and cornering is done at same speed as straights, don't worry about catching a pedal. You have to really lean over hard to worry about crank arm placement.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recent Results....

Let's see, Frank won the Thursday C race and finished 2nd in the B race on March 25then Ryan placed 6th in the C race, Tuesday Crits in Plano.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday Results from King Racing Group

1 Bret Crosby Metro VW
2 Leo Frayre Metro VW
3 Jonny Sundt Kenda
4 Christian Helmig Metro VW
5 Bryan Fawley Park Place

B Race
1 Larry Delicco Rockwall Racing
2 Frank Cusimano SMU Cycling
3 Micheal Slaughter Rockwall Cycling
4 Jon Blanton Mirage
5 Craig Keane

C Race
1 Frank Cusimano SMU Cycling
2 John Booth Mirage
3 Randy Kienast Mirage
4 Brad Bedell PACC


Thursday Night Crits, King Racing

Frank won the C race in a sprint, with our SMU triathlon club grad student Ryan Cooper finishing in the field just 10 meters behind (also his 1st crit race of the year after recovering from a stress fracture) The B race was more of the same, Frank dominated all but one, finishing second by inches.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fayetteville Stage Race

First day of Spring and it snows in North Texas, and it hails on the racers in Fayetteville (near Houston) The road race on the first day sees so much rain that the road debris gets washed out of its hiding places, causing a huge number of flats.

Frank had a flat with 5 miles to go and the neutral support vehicle was full of flatted tires, so he started to walk, but the threat of hypothermia caused the officials to pull him off the course. He reluctantly DNF'd but he unsuccessfully argued his case and his weekend was done.
Nicky finished in the pack in the Saturday road race, but won the cat 3 Time trial that afternoon. On Sunday he finished 3rd in the race. A good and bad weekend for the guys.

Alex Gibson of TCU won the Cat 4 TT and finished 3rd overall for GC. It appears that collegiate racing in the metroplex is getting a foothold! Congrats to everyone who raced, whether you finished or not, because the conditions were epic.

Friday, March 19, 2010

King Racing Thursday Crits. Awesome!

Ginny King from RBM has developed an alternative weekly series (Tuesday Plano and Wednesday Fort Worth)that had its inaugural race yesterday, March 18th. Quite a good turnout, easy to get to and a great course.

I decided that I wanted to be a real racing cyclist again rather than a virtual one or just a promoter, so in the mail arrives the usacycling license. No better place to flash it (and pay the $15) is Ginny's race. 503 bib number, yea starting as a cat 5, no Masters cat in this series, just the C race. Frank Cusimano of the SMU cycling team has worked past the crash 5's in the past year to a 4 and soon to be a 3, and as State Champion in the 5's (a category you shouldn't defend from year to year) I asked for some advice being 20 years removed from racing a crit. Sage advice, if I had only paid attention.

Before I left, I asked my daughters for a good luck kiss, and they gave me some good luck charms. As I walk to my car, I see that my left front Bridgestone Tourenza has started to delaminate. Wow. That would have been bad on the highway. They came in handy during the race.

Crit racing means that your bike is now only a disposable tool, not a lovingly carressed object of veneration. That smooth clear coat is now at risk at any turn, not to mention the SRAM Red. The guy wearing the old CSC tiscali jersey with the nice Cervelo SRAM Red probably took the brunt of the fall on his elbow and knee just to save his bike!

After chasing Nicky around the lake all year, none of the surges seemed too tough, but it was obvious that I didn't have enough miles in the legs to do the surges myself. The last turn before the longish straightaway has a drainage inset in the street that causes a compression on the bike if you hit it right, and I did, causing my seat post to go from "DOR"IC TEAM 3T to EAM 3T to where I finished, just 3T showing. It was almost like I was sitting on the top tube.

I have always sprinted a bit too far out and I was waiting till we got to the straightaway, but by then I was a little too far back, so a mid pack finish was all that I had to show for it, but at least I stayed upright. One bonus, NBC News 5 covered the crit, so the local news had some footage of us racing.
Next week Frank said he was going to do the C and B race, so I hope to latch on his wheel for a few laps and get a few good pictures before he drops me. 20 year old legs vs 50!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caryn Finishing HCTT

Frank Starts HCTT

Nicky Starting HCTT

Caryn starting HCTT

North Texas Cup Points, (Elite Men)

1st Nicholas Boulle Dallas Racing/SMU 87
2nd Warney Crosby FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 74
3rd Austin Stewart FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 50
4th Joshua Carter Team Hotel San Jose/MSU 40
5th Christian Helmig FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 34
6th Kolt Bates FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 29
7th Chris Carlson Matrix Cycling Club 29
8th Danny Parks GS Tenzing 29
9th Elkin Arteaga Velossimo Racing 25
10th William Rader FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 21
11th Corey Ray Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 21
12th Greg Andersen Colavita Racing Inc. 21
13th Don Harm 18
14th Mat Stephens FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 18
15th Mario Arroyave Velossimo Racing 18
16th Collin Davis Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 15
17th Gerardo Chaparro Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 15
18th Jonathan Sundt 15
19th Nicklaus Kiernan FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 13
20th Walter Megura McKinney Velo Club 13
21st Christopher Hamilton Dallas Racing 13
22nd Jesse Moran 12
23rd Stephen Weber McKinney Velo Club 12
24th Jeremy Miller Team Undiscovered 11
25th Robb Bush Cycling 11
26th Joshua Barton Colavita Racing Inc. 10
27th Max Miley Matrix Cycling Club 10
28th Lucas Brusseau Cynergy - Tribal Cycling 9
29th David Hassan GS Tenzing 9
30th Leonardo Frayre FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 8
31st Michael Kincaid FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 8
32nd Jorge Merle Dallas Racing 7
33rd Kyle Sigl ThinkCash Racing 7
34th Alexi Martinez 6
35th Brad Price McKinney Velo Club 6
36th Jimmy Olsen Dallas Racing 5
37th Steve Dodge Dallas Racing 3
38th Rick Wetherald 3
39th Clay Hobson McKinney Velo Club 2
40th Russell Wiseman Colavita

North Texas Cup Points (Novice Men)

1st Frank Cusimano 65 SMU
2nd Matthew DENTON 47
3rd Robert McCallum 40
4th Tom Brandish 40
5th Brian Wolfe Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 36
6th jeremy morris B & B Bicycles 34
7th Mike McCrary 34
8th Jay Coleman 29 OU
9th John Mitchell Team Bicycles Inc. 24
10th John Harding Team Bicycles Inc. 21
11th Demian Whitworth FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 18
12th Gregory Mead Rockwall Cycling 13
13th Cody Davis 13
14th Don Campbell Rockwall Cycling 12
15th Dennis Sauter Rockwall Cycling 11
16th marc parlette Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 11
17th James Walker Team Bicycles Inc. 11
18th David Carter Mirage 10
19th Jeff Harvick Rockwall Cycling 9
20th Brad Ahrens Raising Cane's Racing 9
21st Michael Thornton FCS/ Metro Volkswagen 8
22nd Kurt Pennington Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 8
23rd Anthony Mocella Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 7
24th Ryan Scott 7
25th Roland SanMiguel 6
26th Bert Herrington Mirage 5
27th Craig Morgan Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 4
28th Brady Fain Team Undiscovered 4
29th Michael Steeves Plano Athletic Cycling Club/PACC 3
30th Richard Reddell Dallas Racing 3
31st Tim Kolb McKinney Velo Club 2
32nd Todd Fuller 1
33rd Eric Warden Team Bicycles Inc.

Monday, March 15, 2010

HCTT results Woman's Open

Women's Open
0:30:10 1
0:33:02 2
0:33:08 3
0:33:42 4
0:33:50 5
0:34:07 6
0:34:58 7
0:35:46 8
0:36:04 9
0:36:36 10
0:36:40 11
0:36:42 12
0:36:47 13
0:38:16 14
0:38:57 15
0:40:32 16
0:42:32 17

Races this weekend

We held a crit this weekend. Andrew Armstrong of Matrix and USA Cycling did a fabulous job of organizing it, and Adam Tunks helped with registration, Fondren Library’s Rob Walker took HD pictures and video of the finishes and SMU’s Associate Director of Facilities Management and Sustainability Michael Vangeli helped design the course. Rob and Mike’s experience greatly assisted making the course as safe and challenging as it could possibly be in such a difficult venue (Rob used to race in Belgium, early 90’s on the cobbles of Flanders, and in innumerable European criteriums)

What impressed me the most, and disheartened me the most was seeing the schools attending such as Rice, U of Houston, Oklahoma Baptist, Texas Tech, UNT and seeing how much fun they were having competing for their school. I met some very nice people from Tech and A&M, LSU and UNT. I reconnected with friends from the powerhouse MSU team. Alas, we were very under represented at our own race.

There is no reason to fear collegiate racing, especially the D or C races, many of those cyclists are competing in their first organized race, and were enjoying it immensely. The A’s are impressive, talented cyclists and the B races are very competitive. It is less intimidating than you might think, and a great way to meet students from other schools. Please attend a race before your college career is up, you just don’t know what fun you are missing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

USA Cycling Conference standings

Current Conference Standings

The 2010 USA Cycling Collegiate Road season is under way in 8 of the 11 conferences, and we have the team standings so far. There are going to be some tough fights for the top honors out there!
Top 5 shown in each conference

1. US Naval Academy

2. North Carolina State University

3. Virginia Tech

4. University of Maryland

5. West Virginia University


1. Pfeiffer University

2. Duke University

3. George Washington University

4. Appalachian State Univeristy

5. College of William & Mary


1. University of Florida

2. Clemson University

3. University of Georgia

4. Florida State University

5. Lees McRae College


1. Mars Hill College

2. King College

3. Furman University

4. College of Charleston

5. University of Central Florida


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Dartmouth College

3. University of Pennsylvania

4. Pennsylvania State University

5. University of Vermont

1. Lindsey Wilson College

2. Marian University

3. University of Wisconsin - Madison

4. Northwestern University

5. Indiana University


1. Midwestern State University

2. Texas A&M University

3. University of Texas - Austin

4. Southern Methodist University

*These SCCCC rankings contain only Nationals Qualifier (Category A) Points


1. Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo

2. University of California - Davis

3. University of California - Los Angeles

4. University of California - Santa Barbara

5. Stanford University

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paris-Nice Fisticuffs

Big bad Bernie mixing it up with the fans at the 1984 Paris Nice. Ten points to the first person to identify the Panasonic rider in the middle of the photograph.

Monday, March 8, 2010

P 2/3 Results

P,2,3,4 posted by Christian on 3/7/2010 7:22:00 PM.

1. Nicholas Boulle (Park Place/SMU)
2. Bret Crosby (Metro VW)
3. Danny Parks (GS Tenzing)
4. David Arteaga (Velossimo)
5. Greg Anderson (Colavita)
6. Mario Arroyave (Velossimo)
7. Gerardo Chaparrp (PACC)
8. (I'm sorry, but the wet results sheet has this blurred out)
9. Walt Megura (McKinney Velo)

~30 starters

P123 Results

P123 posted by Christian on 3/7/2010 7:28:00 PM.

1. Bret Crosby (Metro VW)
2. Nicholas Boulle (Park Place/SMU)
3. Chris Carlson (Matrix)
4. Austin Stewart (Metro VW)
5. Will Rader (Metro VW)
6. Mat Stephens (Metro VW)
7. Johnny Sundt (Kenda)
8. Nick Kiernan (Metro VW)
9. Stephen Weber (McKinney Velo)
10. Robb Bush (Colavita)
11. (I'm sorry, but I can't read it)
12. Joshua Barton (Colavita)
13. Lucas Brusseau (Bicycles Plus)
14. Chris Hamilton (Park Place)
15. Jorge Merle (Park Place)
16. Brad Price (McKinney Velo)
17. Adam Allen (PACC)
18. Jimmy Olsen (Park Place)
19. Chopper Kincaid (Metro VW)
20. Rick Wetherald (Tribal)
21. Clay Hobson (McKinney Velo)
22. Russell Wiseman (Colavita)

~50 Starters

Bicycles Plus Spring Crit results (4/5's)

4,5's posted by Christian on 3/7/2010 7:50:00 PM.

1. Frank Cusimano (Southern Methodist University)
2. Jeremy Morris (B&B Bicycles)
3. Matthew Denton (Tortoise Racing)
4. Tom Brandish (Dallas Bike Works)
5. John Harding (Team Bicycles, Inc)
6. Damian Whitworth (Metro VW)
7. Brian Wolfe (PACC)
8. Cody Davis (Mad Duck)
9. John Mitchell (Team Bicycles, Inc)
10. D.C. Sauter (Rockwall Cycling)
11. Don Campbell (Rockwall Cycling)
12. Jeff Harvick (Rockwall Cycling)
13. Michael Thornton (Metro VW)
14. Ryan Scott (Team Bicycles, Inc)
15. James Walker (Team Bicycles, Inc)
16. Bert Herrington (Mirage)
17. Craig Morgan (PACC)
18. Richard Reddell (Park Place)
19. Tim Kolb (McKinney Velo)
20. Eric Warden (Team Bicycles, Inc)
21. Greg Mead (Rockwall Cycling)
22. John Supplee (Frisco Cycling)
23. Clint Junell (Liftime Fitness)
24. Rober Myers (Mad Duck)
25. Chad Harvey (Infinity Cycling)
26. Tracy McGrath (Matrix)
27. Russ Fagan (Metro VW)
28. Jeff Napier (Rockwall Cycling)
29. Scott Mabry (Team Bicycles, Inc)
30. Maxfield Williams (Rockwall Cycling)
31. Justin Kee (B&B Bicycles)
32. Danny Finlan
33. Brian Gilbert
34. Kurt Pennington (PACC)
35. Dean Danowski
36. Anthony Mocella (PACC)
37. Chris Lorance (Rockwall Cycling)
38. (I'm sorry, but I can't read it)
39. Lane Pollock (Infinity Cycling)
40. Rodolfo Zermeno
41. Rolan Dan Miguel (Corinth Cycling Club)
42. Steel Gonzales (BSKLaw/BikeWorld)
43. Derrick Saunders
44. Justin Schofield
45. Colby Logback
46. Joshua Storm (Frisco Cycling)
47. Douoglas Darling (Team Bicycles, Inc.)
48. Bryan Carlson
49. Zachary Carlson (Matrix)

75 starters

Monday, March 1, 2010

More Pictures from TT Weekend

The second picture from the bottom is Frank getting caught near the line (he is at the left), as he tried to attack an unfavorable group since he was outnumbered. Never hurts to try.

Nicky was in an unfavourable breakaway (he was constantly attacked by the MSU guys, had to chase down every attack by himself until fried,) so his strategy was win or else, rather than accept a 2nd or 3rd place finish.

SMU Attends First Collegiate Road Race, Texas Tech Weekend

Nicholas Boulle finished 7th in the Men's A Omnium, with his highlight being a 5th place finish in the Time Trial.
Frank Cusimano finished 7th as well in Men's B Omnium, highlighted by a 5th place in the crit.

Chapeau to both!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Driveway Results, Cat 3 Race, Nicky wins again!

RE: Cat 3 Men posted by HOLLAND RACING on 2/7/2010 1:29:00 PM.

1 Boulle Nicholas Park Place Dealerships (and SMU Cycling club)
2 Haga Shane McKinney Velo
3 Nguyen Jordan Team Hotel San Jose
4 Daurelio Shawn Mirage
5 Saucedo Mark GS Tenzing
6 Morgovnik Michael Team Brain and Spine Cycling
7 Rader William Bicycles Plus/Metro VW/Nova
8 Newell Patrick Team Wooly Mammoth
9 Metoyer Russell Velossimo Racing p/b Jack and A
10 Love Glen PACC
11 Voss Blake Sustainable Cycling
12 McGrath Brian Sugar Cycles Factory Team
13 Mackay Euan ProActive
14 Hawks Joel PACC
15 Caglarcan Tim Team Brain and Spine Cycling
16 Andreasen Andy ProActive
17 Miller Imari GS Tenzing
18 Cross Iii Bert Team Hotel San Jose
19 Hardie Stefan
20 Witt Tron CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
21 Guzman Steve GS Tenzing
22 Hall Greg Violet Crown Sports Association
23 Turner Jeff Dallas Bike Works
24 Sigl Kyle ThinkCash Racing
25 Slate Jesse Wooly Mammoth
26 Moeller Mark GS Tenzing
27 Wilder Michael PACC
28 Mayo Marc Austinbikes
29 Perry Jonathan Austin Bikes
30 Ryther Dave Team Lifesize
31 Moorhead Ethan Violet Crown Sports Association
32 Braden Scott Plano Athletic Cycling Club
33 Penland Nathan 'Dobiacco' Solar Eclipse
34 Nelson Aaron BSK LAW/
35 Rusk Lee GS Tenzing
36 Dutschmann Gary Mirage
37 Kearns Sean University of Texas
38 Dromgoole Ryan Team PACC
39 Lafleur Todd PACC/EDI Financial
40 Tynan Matt GS Tenzing
41 Rader John
42 Wright Eric Solar Eclipse
43 Hodges Shawn Mirage
44 Chavez Anthony Scott & White Cycling
45 Silva Tim Williams Cycling
46 Murff James Team Brain and Spine Cycling
47 Reunoso Jared Matrix/RBM
48 Reade Mike ThinkCash Racing
49 Moore Matt Team Wooly Mammoth/Romancer
50 Dalhover Scott Team Brain and Spine Cycling
51 Bodamer Robert Matrix/RBM
52 Farley Kevin Colonel's
53 Munroe Jamey McKinney Velo
54 Musgrove Chad Team Brain and Spine Cycling
55 Payne Jeromie Team Brain and Spine Cycling
56 Neubig Pete Shama Cycles
57 Attayi Eric Shama Cycles
58 Reed Mike Joe's Pro Bikes
59 Ginder Scott Team Brain and Spine Cycling
60 Rivers Jason GS Tenzing
61 Hobson Clay McKinney Velo