Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday Ride report

We we're contacted by a PMBA student today, Court Carreker, and we welcomed him on the ride, unfortunately he had to make it a short ride due to other commitments. Always good to see people with SMU affiliation come out.

On that note, the remaining cyclists met at the White Rock Boathouse after doing the Loving Hills. This one guy, Ryan Cooper, has been at the water fountain the last three or four weeks about the same time. One week he's wearing a UT jersey with Rockwall cycling shorts, next week only the shorts and a Rockwall jersey, this time no orange (which is Rockwall Cycling and UT's colors.) I have said "hi" every week, this time we struck up more of a conversation, only to discover he has a Masters from SMU and is a current Ph.D student in Engineering at SMU's newly named Lyle School. Despite our SMU kits, he never commented on his SMU affiliation till this week. He just cat upped from a 5 to a 4, so I will need to introduce him to Nicky since they have been racing the same series.

Kurt, Caryn, Kevin, Court (a bit of alliteration) and myself had a spirited ride, until my new SRAM red crank arm started to loosen a bit (haven't had the 100-200 mile re-tighten yet.) I didn't want to damage anything so I was way behind the action after the White Rock Trail hills.

Till next week and the return of our students...

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