Friday, January 29, 2010

Totally Dissed by Velonews

Yesterday, had an article posted about Christian Vande Velde re-upping for three years with Garmin. However, the picture they associated with the article wasn't Vande Velde, but Wiggo on Stage 7 of the 2009 tour de France. On stage 7 of the 2009 TdF, Wiggo wore a skinsuit and Vande Velde wore a jersey. Everyone knows this.

I alerted them to this mistake via the comments for the article. Later in the day, the pictures had been corrected and my comment deleted.

What's up with that???

As proof of my claim, her is another photo from stage 7 showing the jersey situation.


Nathan Scot said...

If the picture is now gone, then the comment would be referencing nothing, so you have to enjoy your 15 seconds of eagle-eye fame!

Rob W. said...

Good point. They could at least send me a subscription to the magazine!