Monday, April 5, 2010

Park Place Crits in Historic Fair Park

In the weekend's Races on Saturday Nick won the Cat 3 Race (Frank had his rear wheel taken out by a racer who rolled his tire off the rim, and suffered some intense road rash but is OK, more later) Nicky was in a four man break, and overtook the leader in the last 100 meters by making up a 4-5 bike lengths with a huge surge to the line. Caryn raced her first crit and finished 5th in Cat 4 race.

On Sunday, Nick and Frank won their races with Frank getting some great teamwork from Ryan Cooper, who got to the front and shut the field down as they were starting to chase Frank. Great moment in SMU Cycling history.

Only three woman braved the rain on Sunday, and Caryn finished 2nd. Huge props to a Park Place coach who gave her very good advice on cornering since Caryn is a bit unsure of herself in crits. Basically, stay in the drops (puts more weight on front wheel to bite better in turns) and cornering is done at same speed as straights, don't worry about catching a pedal. You have to really lean over hard to worry about crank arm placement.

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