Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elk Hill, Rockwall Crit

Elk Hill Circuit Race was the first real race on what has been a staple on the training circuit, the deceptively hard Elk Hill in Sunnyvale. The Woman's Open race was won by SMU's Cox school of Business Mina Pizzini, and Caryn finished 8th. Both were taunted by a Think Cash fan yelling "T is for Texas!" as they passed. Caryn thought that was the most arcane taunt ever heard. Mina's win put a cap on that.

Frank finished 3rd in the Men's 4 race, getting into every break, but suffered from team tactics as Williams team riders refused to do any work to keep away. Frank had to do all the work so that the break would stick, and in the finale the inevitable happened as the fresher guys got around him for 1st and 2nd. In the same race, Jeff had a few matches to burn early but the conditions were not suitable for him on this day.

At Rockwall, Caryn and Nicky had similar results, in the lead group and succumbing to a gambler's prime that paid off for the gambler. Caryn said that when the girl took off for the prime and then continued her attack, all she could think "darn, that was a good move." Nicky got 3rd in the 2 race and Caryn's 3rd was racing in the 3/4 race.

Jeff was determined to make up for a disappointing Elk Hill Race and finished 2nd in the cat 4 race.

HHH looms for all of us.

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