Monday, September 19, 2011

Cotton Patch Race report

Quick race report from Spencer Guy

About 20 guys went down in the Cat 4 RR. I had to zig-zag and bunny hop over bikes and legs at 26 mph. I think I rode over someone, too. Amazingly, I got through untouched. At the finish, I sprinted for what I thought was the finish - it wasn't - so I had to hold on for 10th.

Flatted during the TT but was on pace for top 5, if not top 4.

Won the crit field sprint for 2nd - blowing the pack to pieces! I thought I won it all, but a guy from the break took off solo and was 50s up the road.

Even with the RR mistake and TT flat, I ended up 4th for the weekend omnium. Had I sprinted on time and not flatted, it would have been an easy #1 omnium.

Oh well. Live and learn.

Jeff Klein was a top 3 at the Road Race, and his race also had a crazy crash in the final straight.


kdb said...

Availability of SMU Cycling Gear - Can alums purchase SMU cycling gear? If so, can you direct me to a website or an individual to whom I can process a request. Many thanks.

Nathan Scot said...

Send me an e-mail at to get in on the new order

alekstanojevic said...

Do you use Zipp wheels and what do you think about them in general?