Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ordering details

Super special deal and the one I want you to use, buying the bibs and jersey together will be $160.00 (near cost) Jersey alone will be $110, $100 if you were a member of the SMU Cycling Club, $100 for current Faculty/Staff of SMU. Bib shorts will be $120.00, $110 if you were on the SMU Cycling club. $110 if you are a current Faculty/Staff of SMU (2 bibs for $200 for all!) If a current SMU student, you get cycling club prices, call me, Scot Montague at 214-768-2713 The new shorts are designed tto work with any previous jersey, so if your Verge, Declare or Garneau shorts are done, buy these!


Booth Outlan said...

I'm an SMU Grad, and I'm interested in having some cycling togs to show school pride. What's the current status on these?
Any alumni pricing?


Booth Outlan
Class of 1982 (Cox)
Memphis, TN

Booth Outlan said...
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