Thursday, June 11, 2009

The View from behind.... coming to you live in OR!

Well Scot and the crew's ride on Wednesday was, believe or not, much wetter than mine! I have to say, Oregon has treated me quite nicely thus far - although we got the monsoon rains last Friday---(you guys should call - i can give you a better farecast!). So I'm still feeling my way around the TONS of bike paths and routes that Corvallis has to offer the bicyclist (not including all the off-road ones!). Yesterday, I decided to show some solidarity to the Dallas group and headed out for a ride. As I was coming up to a street crossing, a group of ladies passed in the opposite direction and yelled for me to "join us!" ... so, I did! Little did I know I was going to hunker down for a 'easy' ride with some of the great ladies of the Willamette Valley Cycling Team. They kicked my butt!! Yet, were very supportive of my slow "Dallas legs" up the hills (which apparently aren't even the hills around here! -- Loving ain't nothin' guys!) So, a nice "thanks again" to you ladies for a great cycling welcome to Corvallis.

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Nathan Scot said...

Somewhere in Oregon is a ride named after Flanders (see the video on you tube) and we know what kind of hills await you! You will know hills, mountains etc quite soon...

Glad you hooked up with a good group.