Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Hills are ...... HUGE!

Well y'all - Texas certainly is flat! I say that with love, and with a bit of soreness in my legs from last night's ride. The ladies and I did what is fondly called the "saddle" - a 35 mile jaunt that includes tons of rollers and very "nice" mile and a half 6-8% climb. We started from the usual Van Buren bridge local, took the bike path out of town, and headed north. The wind was a bit tough to deal with but we soon got out into the rural roads, flats and rollers, that allowed for a good double pace line. We made a turn (somewhere because I was thoroughly confused on where I was) and soon enough had an awesome tailwind pushing us around 25! When we got to the hill, we re-grouped before starting the ascent. As I began going up hill, it actually was a bit easier that I had psyched myself up for. The hill is fairly smooth in its ascent - no up and then flat or really sharp turns. The only downer is that the bike lane is non existant so there was some traffic to deal with. And what will make me do that all over again is the thrill of the descent down!! Once I get really comfortable with the turns, I think I'll be able to really enjoy it but I found my brakes once or twice to make sure I wasn't going to wipe out. 35 mph on a bike is such a rush! The rest of the ride went well and the weather held up til I was basically back at the apartment. The temp dropped a few degrees but was definitely still bearable.

I hope that I feel that well for all the rides. Hoping to start some longer ones soon and maybe venturing into the dirt (finally!)

Until next time; pedal on, my friends.

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Nathan Scot said...

Thanks for was 100+ yesterday and a miserable ride!