Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hail and angry motorist (A Texas Refrain)

Again, we were caught unaware regarding the crazy weather that hit in the afternoon.
It was so threatening that Michael even took off for home. Kurt, Caryn and I decided to ride despite the build up of clouds to the east. We were able to ride a mile away before the rain started to batter us and we found shelter under a car port at an apartment complex on University.

As we stood under it, the cacophany of the sound of rain and hail on the metal roof was shocking. The temperature dropped 20 degrees F and the hail approached marble size. As we stood there marveling at the sudden change, a pick up pulled up and aimed directly for us and appeared that it wouldn't stop. I yelled at Caryn to move and the driver then pulled in. His first words were "I live here and I pay for this spot!" Odd first words, so I asked him "What?" and he became confrontational, suggesting were were unwelcome and a nuisance. I asked if he saw us and he said, "of course" suggesting we had violated his property and were trespassing. He acted threatening, but readily appeared to be vain and self centered and I had to laugh at his suggestion of threatening behaviour, i.e "Are you scared?" but in reality he was hiding behind his pick up, a pervasive symbol of insecurity in these parts, and he was a classic example of someone trying to project alpha male masculinity but the reality was an insecurity complex hiding behind the F150. All I responded to his belligerence was that he was "inhospitable"

We had a light tempo ride that really showed how strong Kurt can be. He just needs to learn how to ride on a wheel rather than 10 feet back. I followed a GS Tensing guy up Loving and he was very secure in his fitness, for he just spun up at a very even tempo with no insecurity that I was right behind him. I didn't pass him since it would be arrogant to suggest I beat him when he was just riding tempo. I could tell by our conversation that he was fitter than me as I had to struggle to make some small talk about the weather and he was unwinded.

We rode back to the house to find our cars had been pelted by the hail and were dented. We have gone online to find hail damage repair tips. Any suggestions where to find dry ice?



Roger said...

What part of Texas are you in?

We're in Mineral Wells.

sartainj said...

I am the sales manager for a local paintless dent repair company.We are waiving all deductibles for students,facultyr hospital employees and patients and Baylor .Do not try to fix dents yourself with dry ice! It will crack the paint. I can be reached at 817 655 5711 Thanks, Jeff