Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday Ride

Nick Boulle, Noah Buck, Court Carreker, Bryan Crabbe, Frank Cusimano and Jeff Klein were the students who started the ride, unfortunately Jeff discovered a problem with his chain and had to leave to get it fixed. That left Caryn, Michael, Kevin and myself and for once, happily, we were outnumbered by the students.

Nicky brought his Trek TT bike to mix it up with Frank, but I have to say that I thought Nicky was faster on his road bike last week as we shamelessly drafted behind. He needs to get comfortable on the TT bike again, so different than the regular road bike. I still need to adjust the bottom bracket on my TT bike, haven't touched it since the mid pack finish at the Horse Country Time Trial.

I do like my repainted Trek 5200 frame with the SRAM Red. Biggest difference between my usual Campy set up (other than the unusually powerful rear brake with SRAM vs my beautiful but 90's era Athena Monoplaner brakes that I use more for their looks on the Y-Foil) is the really intuitive Double Tap shifters. Also, ceramic bearings are great!

Bryan's dad, a former local racer and current Master's rider, bought him a new bike at RBM (he doesn't yet know we are sponsored by Dallas Bike Works!) and I think that this is our first, a new first year student getting a bike so he can ride with the club. A very functional Specialized Allez, great bike for the price.

Make plans to attend the party at Kevin's on the 30th, and we are meeting at the Texas Tough Race to watch the P1/2's race on a very nice circuit at the AA center and Victory Plaza. See you at both!

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