Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday Ride

Despite the threat of rain, Bill, Caryn, Court, Damiano, Frank, Greg, Michael, Nicky and myself chose to ride. A few of us even brought out the arm warmers, which I thought turned out to be a good choice. Bryan and Noah had school obligations, but they both signed for the mandatory organizational meeting on Tuesday, so we are in good standing for another year.

Since the Dallas and Fort Worth crits are over, we saw a lot of Metro VW, GS Tensing and RBM folks out at the lake (Ginny King sighting). We chose to do a few intervals, which were fun, except that Nicky still is the fittest of us and Frank is improving rapidly, with a new road bike to play with. They take off, we struggle to stick with then.We heard some stories about the TX Tough from Mike, and Nicky and Frank discussed their Cotton Patch war stories (The omnium was Nicky 1 in the Cat 3's, Frank 7th in the 5's.) We really want to get Jeff back on the bike, so that we can send a solid team to future events.

The jerseys are finally jetting to Dallas by FedEx Air, so we should distribute them tomorrow.

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