Monday, March 22, 2010

Fayetteville Stage Race

First day of Spring and it snows in North Texas, and it hails on the racers in Fayetteville (near Houston) The road race on the first day sees so much rain that the road debris gets washed out of its hiding places, causing a huge number of flats.

Frank had a flat with 5 miles to go and the neutral support vehicle was full of flatted tires, so he started to walk, but the threat of hypothermia caused the officials to pull him off the course. He reluctantly DNF'd but he unsuccessfully argued his case and his weekend was done.
Nicky finished in the pack in the Saturday road race, but won the cat 3 Time trial that afternoon. On Sunday he finished 3rd in the race. A good and bad weekend for the guys.

Alex Gibson of TCU won the Cat 4 TT and finished 3rd overall for GC. It appears that collegiate racing in the metroplex is getting a foothold! Congrats to everyone who raced, whether you finished or not, because the conditions were epic.

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