Monday, March 15, 2010

Races this weekend

We held a crit this weekend. Andrew Armstrong of Matrix and USA Cycling did a fabulous job of organizing it, and Adam Tunks helped with registration, Fondren Library’s Rob Walker took HD pictures and video of the finishes and SMU’s Associate Director of Facilities Management and Sustainability Michael Vangeli helped design the course. Rob and Mike’s experience greatly assisted making the course as safe and challenging as it could possibly be in such a difficult venue (Rob used to race in Belgium, early 90’s on the cobbles of Flanders, and in innumerable European criteriums)

What impressed me the most, and disheartened me the most was seeing the schools attending such as Rice, U of Houston, Oklahoma Baptist, Texas Tech, UNT and seeing how much fun they were having competing for their school. I met some very nice people from Tech and A&M, LSU and UNT. I reconnected with friends from the powerhouse MSU team. Alas, we were very under represented at our own race.

There is no reason to fear collegiate racing, especially the D or C races, many of those cyclists are competing in their first organized race, and were enjoying it immensely. The A’s are impressive, talented cyclists and the B races are very competitive. It is less intimidating than you might think, and a great way to meet students from other schools. Please attend a race before your college career is up, you just don’t know what fun you are missing.

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