Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SMU cycling kit ordering routine

With the publicity and press we have received lately, Michael Vangeli and I are starting to get inundated with requests.

Here is what we will try to do for you. Leave your name, contact info (or e-mail me privately) with what you want to order and I will compile a list on the blog so that you can see the progress of the next order. When we get enough people who want an item, we will collect all the money up front, then place an order.
all prices subject to change (depending on when order is made)

SMU short sleeve jersey $75 ($65 for SMU Cycling Club i.e students)
SMU Long sleeve jersey $85 ($75)
SMU bib shorts $80 ($70)
SMU drawstring shorts $75 ($65)
SMU Winter jacket $130 ($120)
SMU arm warmers $35 ($30)
SMU skin suit $ 130 ($120)
SMU skin suit long sleeve $135 ($125)

The usual requirements are minimums of 25 of a style (25 shorts or 25 jerseys or 25 mixed with 6 of a particular style,
For example:
6 Winter jackets
6 L/ skinsuit
6 arm warmers
7 L/S jerseys

Lat year when I did an order like this, I had to compile over $5,000 dollars up front (I still owe some on that one!)

Let's hope we can track it on this site, and you can convince others to Pony Up!

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