Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another casualty of Gustav (not Klimt)

For the first time (during daylight savings) in two seasons, the Wednesday ride was not contested. First Clyde said he was not able to make it this week (told me on Tuesday). This morning it was Noah who said he was sick then the other stalwarts called me, first Kevin (a meeting) then Michael Vangeli regretfully said he would not make it. Shortly afterwards, Jeffrey sent me a similar e-mail. I think a trend developed. I called Greg to see what his status was, and his line was answered by someone who said he stayed home today (HIPPA regulations notwithstanding.) Are all of you wanting to watch Gov Palin tonight? Can she match Obama's oratory? That must be what is going on...

I actually packed my long sleeve jersey just in case there was some rain, but I guess it will be just Caryn and myself.

See you next week!

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Rob W. said...

Sorry, Scot, I had the usual childcare issues. I did ride home yesterday in the rain and that was quite pleasant, actually.