Monday, September 8, 2008

Tour of Missouri

Why aren't you here?

Looking at the start list for the Tour of Missouri (TOM) you need to ask yourself that question. Some of the highlights for today's stage near KC are: Hincapie, Cavendish, Nibali, Vande Velde, Farrar (hell all of TSL), Tuft, Jacques-Maynes, Creed, Dominguez, Vogels, O'Bee, Pipp, Bajadali, and Huff just to name a few.

We are camped out in Branson to catch the end of tomorrow's stage in Springfield and the hilly time trial here in Branson. This town can't help but make you feel young. I'm looking forward to getting some great shots with my new D90. Time to look for a route along the Shepherd of the Hills highway, should be challenging.


Michael V.


Rob W. said...

Hey Mike,
There's a story on velonews today that Lance is coming out of retirement. Any word on this from Missouri?

Nathan Scot said...

I think I would prefer to see SMU (Sam) kick some butt at the Collegiate track nationals in Colorado Springs, maybe stay in Manitou Springs.

Why does the start list have Columbia as THR (High Road) and Garmin as TSL (Slipstream)?

One bit of bads news, the really awesome Tour of Georgia has been cancelled. The problem with stage racing in the US is that races come and go.

The Lance story, I see how Astana is distancing from this situation. What an unlikely story..