Sunday, November 2, 2008

... is this thing on?! ...

So, except for being directionally deficient – hence, why today at the lake for our celebration ride, I “casually” did another lap thinking everyone was in front of me – I am also technologically deficient. I have a hard time setting my TiVo, I can’t work my wireless card in my laptop, & don’t even get me started on cell phones that have features other than flip ‘n’ dial. J But, since procrastinating on this 15 page paper due tomorrow seems much better than actually writing it, I’ve decided to enter the world of blogging. Soooo, here goes nothing.

Walker… I Mean, Weasel?... has told you about LiveStrong so now it’s my turn. First, let’s say it was a big deal I even found my way to pick up my packet on Friday afternoon at the Austin Convention center. No, I understand that Austin is a straight shot down I-35 but really, google maps suck & made me exit in North Austin so I got a nice scenic tour of Austin. Packet pick-up accomplished, I found my cousin Heather (shout out!) & headed to the casa. She was nice enough to let me bring my bike inside so I didn’t lose any sleep thinking my bike was growing legs & walking away (like it so nicely did out of my office). Saturday AM came way too early as we packed up & headed to the Capitol to start the 5K. Overall, I had a good run but Sunday made me think I will probably not do the run again. Saturday afternoon I didn’t do anything until we met up with the group at Roaring Fork (thanks again, Marci!). After filling my belly with lots of food, including a volcano brownie of sorts – maybe that’s what did me in? – back to bed. Bright & early, I only got a teeny bit lost trying to find the Omni, met up with everyone, & off we went. Once the guy parked my car in a spot I was sure it was going to sink in (note: Dodge Stratus = not off-road vehicle), I slipped on my Pony sleeves & went off to find the start. Gung ho & rearing to do 90, Jeff, Matt & myself had a pretty good start. Then came the hills. Albeit, rollers – I wasn’t the most enthused about them. However, I mustered up some energy – aka found a group to pull me back to Jeff & Matt … & off we went. When the rest stop came for the 90/65 split, I waived a fond adieu to Jeff & Matt deciding I would be better off at 65. Vlad found us & Jeremiah came rolling in a few seconds later. A new group formed & more hills we climbed. (**insert Julie Andrews singing the signature “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music -- -like I said, couldn’t insert the music here if I tried!) Towards the end, we found the rest of the 65ers, took advantage of the Powerstops & rolled into the finish.

With a cold beer in hand, I had to admit it was a great riding day. I’m already geared up for next year … and hey, I even did an extra lap to prove it!!

Pedal on and Pony up!

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DavidP said...

Sounds like a great ride! Keep posting!