Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cities in turmoil

The artist who did this is a former, albeit brief, Dallas resident. Due to the cycling club's ongoing dialogue regarding bicycle commuting, I thought I would put out an Utopian vision of the future for us to discuss. Just like Dallas, which has grandiose plans of the future, Adelaide's future exists in committee and shelved urban planning. Developers have built large mixed use spaces that sit poorly placed in the fabric of the city. These projects sit near the city center like the proverbial white elephant. (See possible Dallas Convention Center Hotel)
For insight into another city's infrastructure difficulties, read

also visit www.thornetony.blogspot.com for more intriguing artwork

Tony helped me get an A in my Prof Van Kemper class "Anthropology of Tourism" by giving the class an evocative lecture on Tasmania! Forever in debt.

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