Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sponsorship, bike racks etc

We haven't been idle these last couple of weeks. There are a couple of campus issues that we are investigating that are peripheral to the cycling club but are still important. The proliferation of bikes on campus has created over crowded bike racks where cyclists have started to spread to hand rails (which we must frown upon.)

Mike Paul at CPPO has been working with us to get more racks, as well as the bike lockers that the serious riders want. We need to evaluate placement and style of rack, so if anyone has input, let us know.

I communicated with the president of Baylor's cycling club this week to get some insight on sponsorship. For some of the really ambitious items (like team bikes) we need to grow our numbers of those that will compete and go to races. Brandon Thomas, the BU prez, said that the experience of traveling to races with teamates was a rich and rewarding ecperience. He also seems to have a shared vision of growing collegiate cycling. It seems that TCU and UNT might reappear this next year, which would be great news. I have thought about helping UTD get going (at least in guidance, I'm leary of green and orange!)

Jeff, Sam and Rob are going to visit these two potential sponsors and see what mutually benefits us, so hopefully we will have news on that front soon.


DavidP said...

Good job, guys! Hopefully, you can find a sponsor who can help.

I wonder if the alumni association would be willing to help to set up a vehicle for alumni to contribute financially to support a team?

Also, please let us know what the racers have planned for next season!

Go SMU Cycling!

GeneC said...

Wow! I wish we would have had such an organization in place when I went to SMU back in the '80's. How can an alumni get an official team kit? I am an avid cyclist who cycles to raise money for cancer research (check us out at but I'd love to wear the SMU red and blue on the byways of Long Island to show my pride. Can someone e-mail me at and let me know how I can show my support from a distance?