Friday, August 29, 2008

6:15 Wednesday Ride Report

We've had nice comments about this alternative Wednesday ride from cyclists who are glad to learn of another mid-week riding opportunity or cyclists who were perhaps just getting back into riding on a regular basis.
So whether you're getting back in shape or looking for another ride to keep you in shape, think about joining us. For details about this ride’s goals, look at this Blog's Archives list (found in the right hand margin, under August "Announcing New Weekly Ride").
We had a good ride Wednesday, running into a few other SMU cyclists who said "Hey!" as they rode by. This is designed to be a flexible ride based on the skills of the riders present.
Our initial ride is a great example of that: we made a lap of the lake at a leisurely avg. speed of 13 - 14mph. The sun is usually dropping behind clouds at that time of day, and with the shade of the trees, the temperature was pleasant. After the first lap, Susan had met her goal of getting back into regular riding and went off to find some air conditioning while Lee continued for another lap moving the pace up to 17 – 18mph.

So we'll be adapting the ride to those present. We'll be out there again @ 6pm next Wednesday, beginning the ride at 6:15. See you next week!

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Nathan Scot said...

Good work Lee, thanks!