Tuesday, October 7, 2008

D Magazine story about David Feherty getting hit on his bike h

Chris, thanks for sending this link, a great story
Go to this months D Magazine...
I posted this response to the story on-line

The most important part of the story is that is humanizes a cyclist, because the problem with this culture is that we forget to respect each other. We often see how most motorists re very courteous (almost too nice, who hasn't been motioned on, only to confuse everyone) Cyclists must remember to maintain their own humanity in the face of the serious risks we must endure.
As I cycle on the streets, you observe that some motorists forget that a pedestrian, or a cyclist, or another driver is another individual, not an obstacle. A vehicle too easily isolates the driver from the environment, creating a disconnect between the excessively filtered cabin and the outside.
David's descriptions of this life threatening event would be even more cathartic to us if we could get a response from the driver who caused the accident, the infamy of being a villain in such a life affirming story.

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