Friday, October 10, 2008

GC Leader's Jersey

We talked briefly on the ride in the past about having a leader's jersey. I'd be willing to start this off by purchasing something like: (Tour of PA leader's jersey.) Basically, a leader's jersey from one of our American races and we can award it weekly and include their photo on the blog. Each person who wants to be in the running would need to chip in a small amount to the jersey fund such as $5. This money would be for purchasing the next year's jersey with the hope that we can eventually have a customized SMU Leader's jersey.

Some of my thoughts on it would be:
1. Whomever held it the most number of weeks during our Wednesday night ride season would keep it at the end of the year.
2. Simple points 3, 2, 1 for our designated sprints and climbs would be awarded.
3. Breaking road rules will result in penalties, 3 points each for such things as passing cars, running stop lights etc. (we all want to make it back in one piece).
4. Ties will be voted on at the post-ride meeting at Patterson Hall on campus.
5. While points may be deducted for unsportsman-like conduct -- good sportsman conduct will be rewarded i.e. if you push someone up the hill, changes someone's tire, help an old lady cross the street, etc.

Let me know if there is any interest.


Anonymous said...

When do we leave the blood/urine sample? What lab does the work?
Do we have an internal drug program like Garmin and CSC or are we going to do the LPR "wink, wink" program?

Rob W. said...

Of course, it would be easier on your legs and lungs to just buy two jerseys, give one to Jeff, give one to Sam and then chill for the remainder of the rides.

gpulte said...

No thanks, nothing would scare away new riders quicker and this is a club ride.

Anonymous said...

Hello friends! My name is Keith Scott and I wish that I had access to the SMU Cycling jersey to proudly wear in support of the school and the Cycling Program. I have personally spoken with many who have expressed the same desire.....