Friday, October 17, 2008

Wednesday r(ain)ide report

Unfortunately, the roads were wet and a threat of rain caused some to pause, contemplating potential face plants and hydroplaning cars careening across the road. Because of this, we decided to cancel the ride.

I remember having a Wednesday ride start, only to get washed out before we got to 75 during last year's freakishly wet weather. We also left early one ride because of a huge thunderstorm (that Samuel and Kelly and Rob continued to ride since the cumulo nimbus skirted the lake without a drop falling), and another ride, despite constant showers, getting soaked because we could not cancel due to a guest from Maine. Kevin and I got to watch him slide out on a tight turn and fall on his keister. Enough of a warning, right there, to avoid rain! I also got swallowed on the ride home by a water covered pot hole. Remembering these incidents from just Wednesday rides was all the justification I needed.

I'm real intrigued by the Exxon/Mobil loop for our lightless winters. We will talk about the logistics of that soon enough.

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