Friday, October 10, 2008

Winter Training at Exon Mobil Loop

For those of you who don't know or have heard about this ride, I highly recommend it. If there is some interest I would be willing to carpool over there, my truck can reasonable accept three bikes just let me know who is interested. The ride starts in a week or two. Here are the details on the ride and a little history:

Exxon Mobil off Season Training Ride - so named because it is on Exxon Mobil headquarters road. (mostly considered a Metro VW team ride but actually no one owns it, is just that those who created the ride many many years ago happen to be on metro vw/fcs now)

1.2 mile loop on a 6 lane street with a garden/creek/jog trail median and 2 crossovers that serve as shortcuts if you drop and need to get back in. There is a u-turn at the top and bottom of the loop, you never hit a main road. We ride in the left hand lane. Road is pretty well lit, some ride with a light, many do not. Rear blinkie lights are a good thing.

6:15 is the time when it goes from warm-up pace to efforts.. Any ride time before 6:15 is done at a warm up pace. People come and go at will. People start leaving at 7:30, maybe usu. 8pm, some stay until 8:30. Come a couple of times and you will understand.

Word will be passed through the pack when/what we are doing that night. Sometimes it is full lap pulls for x amount of time then we go to 1/2 lap pulls. There are 2 shortcuts across the median to get back in when you drop off.

• Mon - small chainring night. Work on getting your spin back. If you need to be in your big to stay on, that is somewhat okay, but you won''t win friends getting on or going off the front in the big ring.
• Wed - big chain ring night,-96.871661&sspn=0.008296,0.011609&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=32.892831,-96.945634&spn=0.01382,0.019226&z=16&layer=c&cbll=32.890861,-96.947405&panoid=P9C6AbDic8JGMw_Z0B3SGA

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Damiano said...

I would be interested! Although I've never heard of it, it sounds interesting! I could use a ride from campus too! So is it mostly for shorter rides? If not, you have to do 40 laps to have 40-50 miles total?