Monday, October 27, 2008

LIVESTRONG 2008: Part One - Fundraising

This post will be in three parts:
1. Fundraising
2. New Hoops
3. The Ride

Part One:
One of the reasons why I had never done Livestrong in the past (or any charity rides for that matter) is I am a notoriously poor fundraiser. I'm not good at it, don't enjoy it, and am aware that the folks in my sphere of influence are not the most liquid, and not in a position to donate lots of money.

However, I decided to do Livestrong this year as a tribute to my brother-in-law Benny's wife Judy, who died of cancer this year after a very brief illness. I felt so powerless as she was dying, and even more so after she passed, and I basically said "enough is enough" and decided to do something to help cancer research, so that others would not have to lose their loved ones in such a brutal manner.

The fundraising turned out to be an okay experience and I almost met my goal of $1250. (It's not too late to contribute, so if you want to help me meet my goal click here and jump in).

My advice to others who may hate fundraising? Forget it. Just jump in and do it! Whatever discomfort you may experience fundraising is nothing in comparison to what people who have cancer are going though. Man (or woman) up!! If I can do it, any yutz can.

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