Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Karma, Or Don't Tempt Fate!

I committed every road sin imaginable on the ride tonight. I forgot everyone's name, since I was introduced to so many. I took shortcuts to avoid the wind. Even quit on the Loving Hills 'cause Nicky passed me with a 50 meters to go (and Damiano and Caryn, and was that Ryan?) who trounced me also. Rode the TT bike again since the road bike has a broken nipple and I haven't had time to take to Dallas Bike Works (shameless plug) for repair. Had something go horribly creak, creak on the bike, probably because I put it together and not Caryn.

Then to top it all off, I did not take karma seriously, as I told Vinh on Monday and probably also in a conversation with Chris Snyder, that I haven't crashed on the road bike in years. We were discussing mountain bikes and how every mountain bike ride has as an objective to get big air and probably crash. But road bikes, no! I did a precursory "knock on wood" but that might have been waht kept me off the pavement.

So Michael's city limit sign beckoned the group, and I should have known better than to chase after Mike got a good start! A TT bike has limited uses and sprinting is not one of them. I came unclipped and barely (I had thoughts of, "where should I crash?" - on the all carbon Colnago, the pavement or should I just go over the overpass into Central?) I heard it was as ugly, if not more so than Noah's similar experience, 2 weeks ago. New rule, no dangerous sprinting, small ring variety on busy roads! Michael's weekly glory will now be forbidden!

So I hope the very elegant rider on the Colnago forgives me since he might have kept me up!

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