Friday, April 3, 2009

Wednesday ride report

We were joined by Beth Newman and her protege, Maggie Smith, a 2007 SMU grad. She does most of her riding with Team in Training, you know the group, they have 90's era Mardi Gras colors, but are supporters of a good cause (the Leukemia Foundation).

Travis joined us again along with the usual stalwarts Noah, Caryn and ride captain Michael Vangeli. We met Nicky out at White Rock. It is fortunate for us that he has some crit skins on the wall and doesn't need to thrash us since he had a good race on Tuesday. Noah has his license now and will be battling the other "crash fives" for a while.

The weather was again brutally windy at the lake, so it created some splits in the group (and some chasing)

We did up and backs, even though I would like to do a Sunnyvale tempo ride once in a while. We will need to get a bit more light. It does require a consensus from those attending.

After the ride, we had a meeting at TP Hill to discuss our Bishop crit, and Noah has some good ideas to get the event staged during an SMU weekend (where we will have a lot of visitors.) Till next week...

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