Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, I finally crashed (in a non-controlled manner). Coming off the bike trail at West Lawther north of Northwest Highway. Following Greg, turning right onto Lawther, we hit a wet patch. Greg fishtailed and recovered. I had to hit the brakes or plow into the back of Greg, and as soon as I touched the brakes I was down on the deck.

Landed heavy on my right leg and elbow. I've got some stiffness and some rash (sounds like I spent a weekend of "liberty" in the Philippines and wasn't too careful).

Laying on the deck I first evaluated my condition, then eventually got up. I then road home on one leg. Boy am I glad Dallas is flat!

The bike has dinged up shifter, pedal and rear derailleur but is otherwise unscathed.

Not my worst crash, but at 47 I'd like to avoid all crashes! I was able to muster through without any painkillers, though if I had been offered any darvocets, I certainly wouldn't have refused.

My daughter keeps poking my elbow wound with a stick. She thinks my reaction is funny. Kids!


Nathan Scot said...

Time to upgrade the components! Did you scar up the 7-11 or SMU jersey? (because that is what really matters, not your body!)

Rob W. said...

SMU jersey!

gpulte said...

You've got to give Rob credit for riding home! The mud patch was not visible and turning and cruising at 17 mph with rear wheel sliding out from under you slammed him pretty good into the gravel and asphalt.