Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Ride Report: The View from Behind....

Yes, so I don't get out on the bike even a third of how much I would like to, so on days like today - even when I don't really want to - I do. And after all the stops, turns, and hills..... it's always better :) Today was a small group: Noah, Nick, Caryn, Scot, Greg, Mike, and myself. But always a fun one. After getting completely squashed on the lake side, we took the "horseshoe" as Mike calls it. The rollers were actually quite comfortable but when we got over to Loving, I felt as if I hadn't rode in AGES! Slow and steady, quite like a turtle (maybe a turtle would have been faster) I arrived at the top. Thanks to Mike for sitting steady with me. For most of the ride, Caryn and I were behind the boys - keeping a great pace, Caryn is always an excellent ride partner (There's your shout out praise, C!) And then she blew everyone away up Loving. All in all, a good ride. I'm sure Scot will have a more in depth report up soon - but it's always an interesting view from behind!

Pedal on.

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Nathan Scot said...

What more is there to add save for the Samuel sighting, and yes, she kicked my butt on the climb. TT bike, 54-42 w/straight block irrelevant