Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday Ride report

The new Facebook page appeared to be a hit as we had a strong contingent of students ride tonight. Let's see, it was Ryan, Mitch, Andrew, Travis, Nicky, Ian, Nick (do we have a lot of Nick's or what?) and pack filler was Damiano, Caryn, Michael, Greg, Kevin and myself (by pack filler, I mean the core group that exists to make SMU Cycling a viable, constant presence on campus!)

It was obvious seeing Andrew ride that we need to help him have a lot of fun on the bike again, as he is very skillful, and a remarkably strong rider. Travis is also strong, he is being tutored on sprint tactics. Always strong, Nicky Boulle finished second in his first cat 4 race, after the upgrade, and that was only because he was expecting different tactics. The tri guys who joined us are (mostly) relatively new to cycling but we hope they discover that the bike is the place to be. It was a rather chaotic day, as we did numerous up and backs, but the object of this ride is to get us all to the lake and work with each other or at our own pace, and then ride back "piano" which is "soft", as Ian pointed out. As a Music major at Meadows, he would know.

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