Monday, August 25, 2008

Announcing a New Weekly Ride

This new, weekly ride is an alternative to the current Wednesday evening ride. This will be a leisurely, fair-weather ride around White Rock Lake, setting the pace by the least-skilled rider.

Our goals are to develop skills, friendships and add another opportunity for fitness during the week. This ride is a work in progress, so we'll be paying attention to your feedback as we go forward. Pay attention to this blog as we go forward for any updates regarding this ride.

WHERE: We'll meet at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake (it's #8 on this map;topmap )

WHEN: Wednesday nights at 6pm (while it's still light out!) -we'll begin the ride at 6:15.

WHAT: The distance will be one lap around White Rock -if you want to do more, that's fine and some of us may join you in doing so.

For more information call:

Susan Moore 972-345-5600 or Lee Arning 21-768-4090

1 comment:

Nathan Scot said...

Good job! The more rides the merrier!