Friday, August 15, 2008

An evening at White Rock Lake

Recovering from an IT-band injury, I've taken the last couple of weeks off running and cycling, but after several very long weeks at work and self-denial of the joys of cycling, I made it out to the lake for an easy-pace late ride last night.

I'm starting back slow (to aid recovery), so I took things at a very mild pace (although I did not bring any Dostoevsky or Foucault to apparently was fashionable on the 'Hot Rocks' ride). I did take the time to enjoy the sunset at the lake, milder temperatures, and a light protein-rich supper provided by the swarms of gnats congregating on the west side of the lake. Why do they prefer the west side? Maybe the upscale 'vibe' of Lakewood over Eastlake?

As it got darker, I switched on my Cygolite LED headlight....boy, I like this light. I often have cyclists move off to the side when I come up behind them with this light on....maybe they think I'm a car, or maybe they've heard of my bike-handling skills and just don't want to take a chance.

The only problem with running a light this bright at the lake during the warmer months, is that it acts as a magnet for every bug within sight of its seductive glow.

I realized last night that most of my rides are 'training' rides, and that I don't notice the scenery much....don't worry, I wont lapse into some sappy 'stop and smell the roses' routine.....oops...too late. Hopefully once work settles down in september, I'll be able to join a few club rides again.


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