Friday, August 29, 2008

Wednesday Ride report (The Once and Future King)

The new school year has started and I'm happy to announce that we have a new recruit for the SMU Cycling team. Samuel, of course, is dominating the boards this year up at the Superdrome and we now have someone who could do the same on the tarmac. Jeff Klein ( also a Hunt Scholar!) joined us on our Wednesday ride. It was readily apparent that he what it takes to succeed on the road. Jeff's dad rides for a strong regional team and has been thrashing his son for years (on the bike) but a bit like Taylor Phinney, youth has now surpassed experience. Kevin, Greg, Caryn and myself were happy to welcome him to SMU.

Suzanne, and others, had sent me warnings that the Dallas Police were ticketing cyclists at the lake, so we planned on being especially vigilant.

We left campus and see Jackie (in her car) lamenting that she couldn't ride with us because she now has a class. I hear it is some Ph.D foolishness or something. Caryn was passing sign language back and forth with Jackie, the meaning of which I can only guess (and Jackie, I think I have guessed right!)

We ride on to the lake, and I was telling everyone that Noah should be back with us next week and he immediately proves me wrong by riding up about 6 seconds after I make that statement.
Jeff has never been to the lake before, but he still was going to lead us out. I thought I should get up front and let him discover the route by following me, but he took the lead. There was this one puddle (before HL Hunt's house) that completely trashed our freshly cleaned bikes. I stayed on his wheel and I was there long enough to go around and take the sprint, knowing that this acceleration would probably be my last sprint victory in his company (plus I mentioned nothing about a sprint line!) I showed him where it was afterwards.

Caryn was right on our wheels, then said something to me about taking it easy, since I was still dehydrated from (choose one:)
1. e coli
2. food poisoning
3. HHH
4. Mt Scott
5. crypto
6. bike with one bottle cage
7. needing excuses

From that point and for the rest of the ride I felt horrible. I guess the excitement of a new recruit was overshadowing my illness. I didn't have enough to even make it interesting for Jeff on any climb and by the time we got to Loving, I was crushed by both Caryn and Jeff up the hill. I must say that it is rewarding to have a student with so much potential thrash us.

Props to Kevin and Greg for showing up every week. They are improving steadily and are becoming strong cyclists. Ride with those just a little stronger than you and soon you will be equally strong (we won't be in Sam or Jeff's league without a lot more work though.)

Noah is back and we are going to have him work with Samuel, Lisa, Jeff and the other students to get to the next step as a club (lots of podium finishes with a supportive student body!)

Till the next thrashing (and welcoming it)....

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