Monday, August 18, 2008

President of SMU club Samuel Weyand

I just read this on

This is an unbiased report (I guess, since it isn't from us.) I'm proud of him for all of his work.

Two amazing performances posted by Mike D. on 8/17/2008 10:05:00 AM.
First, how about Yo (Craig) Erickson's 12.04 200m for 1st seed in the elite sprints and 1.10.25 kilo for 2nd seed and only 0.45 slower than 1st? So why is this so amazing? Yo is 51 years old! Is it any wonder that Yo is the reigning regional masters 50+ 500m champion? I cast my vote for Yo as top masters trackie. Next, how about Sam Weyand's 11.57 200m? Just a year ago Sam was doing 14's and racing against little kids and old guys like me. Now, he's right there with the best in the region. I cast my vote for Sam as most improved elite trackie.

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DavidP said...

Way to go Samuel !!!