Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Ride Report 8/2/2008

Greg, Rob and Jackie (on her new carbon fiber Fuji) rode on the GDB's Airport Ride this morning.  Jackie was a bit hesitant riding with the fast group, but she rode real well and looked like she belonged, so no worries there.  Rob noticed Greg riding off the back a little too much and instructed him to ride mid pack instead.  Jackie got gapped a mile or so before the Shell station rest stop - it just goes to show that you have to be real attentive when you ride at the back, because if the group hits the gas (like it did), and you can't close the gap by yourself, you will be off the back. 

Due to time restraints, we did not do any laps, but rode back to Preston & Forest instead.  Unlike the previous ride, we had plenty of water on board, so it was a mostly pleasant return trip and we hummed along at about 17mph.

All in all a nice ride.  For those keeping score, the cyclocomputer shot out these numbers: average speed 18.41, distance 41 miles.

Notable moment:  Both Rob and Greg hit the same 2 inch wide seam in the road without falling down.  Both riders made excellent recoveries.  As per usual Heath won all the sprints.

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