Friday, August 15, 2008


So, I'm up here in Arkansas at Lake Ouachita (don't ask me to pronounce that) for the weekend. My wife is going to crystal dig for a couple of days.

First I was going to bring my road bike, then I was going to bring my mountain bike, but in the end I took neither as I decided to do activities with my kids instead.

I'm kind of regretting it now, because there are some serious hills here and fast descents and it would have been a wicked weekend of riding (though a bit dangerous - all the cars are moving at 60 mph on these one lane roads).  

But since I was ill this past week and zapped of my strength (though I still cycled to work all but one day) I thought it better to chill.

For those inclined, there looks to be some great cycling out here.  It's kind of deserted and stuck in a 1970's time warp, but the terrain is awesome and the weather is a welcome relief.

Keep riding!

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