Friday, August 15, 2008

Wednesday Ride report

It wasn't really that hot!

Michael V, Caryn, Kevin, Greg and Tony rode the usual route, save for Tony and Michael's three trips up the last Loving Hill. Just as we rode on Williamson Dr. (during our warm up to the lake) a Mirage rider rode by us, telling Michael we were clogging up the lane. No hello, how is it going, etc. Typical small minded 'tude by the storm troopers of the "Evil Empire" as Caryn likes to call them.

Kevin tries to escape on the west side of the lake and it was quite the effort to catch him. If he had only waited later, but that is the part about learning what you can do, and how others respond to the challenge.

Greg's bike is making a noise and it is amazing how hard it is to determine where sounds come from when a bike is squeaking. BB Bearings, loose chainrings, a spoke, even the need for lubrication on the fork ends can be the issue. We were not able to track down the problem. I hear Signor Vangeli made it to the top of the White Rock trail hills first with Kevin again trying to get there first.

We have a good tempo ride around to where we turn on Winsted to do Loving. Caryn and I decide to leave it all out there for our ONE pass up. I started behind her and didn't catch her till the last 25 meters (she thought I sounded like I was about to die, so she let me have it.)

After Tony and Signor V do a couple more hill repeats we get our water at the boat house fountain and we return, with that little city limit sign remaining. Kevin, having been shut out all day, was ready and when it came time for that real short jump to victory, Kevin was all over it.
His victory arm pump was quite the sight!


DavidP said...

In regards to 'squeaking' noises, shoes can also be an issue. Check the cleats to make sure they're secure, also I eliminated a squeak in my Specialized-brand shoes by not threading one of the velcro straps near the toes through the little strap in the tongue made for that purpose. I thought for sure I had a bottom-bracket issue. Try riding the bike with some regular sneakers to see if the noise is still there.

I used to ride with Mirage, and most of the folks I met were great, but there's some in every group that wonder who let you on 'their race course'.

Rob W. said...

Perhaps the mysterious noise is simply the carbon fiber begging for mercy from the awesome power that "Mongo" delivers.