Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hot Rocks Rally, Rockwall, TX 8/9/2008

Just got back from the Hot Rocks ride, advertised at 62 kilometers. Check back for the full report later with pictures (and perhaps a a report add-on from Scott) but here are the numbers for today (at least from the Babich group):

temperature: Damn Hot!

clouds: nary a one

shade: see clouds

road surface: 75% chipseal

flats: 1 (Scott)

hills: hell yes. almost rolling, but mostly long grinders

rest stops: thank god

traffic: pick up trucks in the opposite lane ripping by at 55mph

police: friendly and professional

new quote: "Mongo is a machine"

best fashion choice: Jackie's beaver socks

miles: 57.46 (sorry Rotarians, your odometer is off)

running time: 3 hours, 37 minutes

average speed: 15.82 miler per hour

bottles: 10

cramps: on the service road at mile 57

worst decision: tie between no sunscreen and not using the camelback

weirdest sight: all the elite racers on the deck 10 miles into the ride

headache: yes

jumped in pool upon return to house: yes

drinking beer as I write this: yes


Nathan Scot said...

It just goes to show that in the heat, a bump can seem like Alpe D'Huez

Rob, what no talk of Turtle Heads?

Rob W. said...

Turtle head banter is for those who show up to the ride!